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EYouth Presentation 2015

This presentation was done by EYouth team in Bader Competition in Bahrain and we won the 1st place.

mustafa abd ellatif

on 11 May 2016

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Transcript of EYouth Presentation 2015

A generation of FUTURE Leaders and Social Entrepreneurs changing the FACE of Egypt and the WORLD.

Being an incubator for all the youth in Egypt and the Middle East; extracting the best out of them turning them into true leaders and social entrepreneurs.

EYouth Vision
EYouth Mission
December 2010
September 2012
November 2013
January 2015
EYouth Organizational Structure
EYouth Budget
EYouth in numbers...
- Trained
> 5,000 Egyptian youth
(15-25 years old);
- Working in
22 Egyptian Governorates
- More than 300
pioneering social development projects
- Organized 30
closed camps
in different Egyptian governorates;
- Funding
25 social development projects
- Partnering with
> 50 Association and Foundation
locally and internationally.
- We established the
first radio for entrepreneurs
in Egypt (www.EYouthradio.org).

EYouth Coworking Space opened in May 2015

Future Plans
How to reach us...
002 01096192252
"The best way to predict the future is to invent it"
-- Allan Kay
"Small Opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises"
"Competition proved to be useful for igniting the motives of youth to develop"
"The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of every member"
Thank You :)
- EYouth ABC Career Program
- EYouth Basic Social and Entrepreneurship SKills
- EYouth Social Entrepreneurship School
- EYouth Magazine
- EYouth 1st International Entrepreneurship Camp
EYouth Wins the first place at Bader competition as the Best Arab initiative in last year .

EYouth Basic Social and Entrepreneurship SKills
1-problem solving.
2- communication skills
3-presentation skills
5- Emotional intelligence
6-team management
7-Social entrepreneurship
8-how to write case study.
9-personal planning
10-critical thinking
11-time management
Mustafa Abd Ellatif
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