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Beauty contests I1W3D1

No description

English4callcenters .com

on 5 April 2016

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Transcript of Beauty contests I1W3D1

Grammar Review
Your coach will explain to you the grammar chart. Pay attention
Beauty contest
By the end of this lesson, you will be able to:
Give and ask information about beauty contests.
Share your thoughts about it.
Talk about generalities on the matter.
Warm Up
Pair up and answer the questions below. Then share your answers with the class
Do you like beauty contests? Why or why not?

What's your favorite part of the "Miss Universe" contest?

In your opinion which country has more beautiful girls?
Retelling the story
Watch the following video, and tell in your own words what happened.
Role Play!
Choose a role play, practice and act it out.
A) You want to apply for "Miss / Mister El Salvador", practice your introduction to the jury

B) 5 finalists come to the front and answer the questions of the judge (your coach), and the class chooses the winner!
Lets talk!
Make couples and discuss the following questions, then share your thoughts with the class. Your coach will ask for volunteers.
Idioms - Phrasal Verbs
Let's take advantage of the following vocabulary, and include it in your daily speech.
Beauty sleep:
sleep; the sleep one requires

"You really need some beauty sleep, why don´t you go home and take the rest of the day to rest"

That´s the beauty of
the most satisfactory feature of something/ The best of...

"We got a great discount on the vacations package to France, that´s the beauty of working on a Travel agency"
Wrap Up
Your coach will select 1 or 2 students to go to the front and they will do a recap
Mental Training
Practice your mental training with your coach and repeat with confidence
Watch video #9
"I speak English with confidence"

"I have excellent grammar in English"

"I love to practice English"

Fluency diet review
Pair up and answer the questions below. Then, your coach will select some students to go to the front
Tell me about your last trip

What are your plans for your next birthday party?

What would you do if you only had one day to live
What do you think about little girls beauty contest?

Do you think women in beauty contests are judged based on their physical appearance rather than on some other skills? Why?
Describe in your own words what you did since you walked into E4CC until now
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