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French Colony of Madagascar

No description

Michael Person

on 26 February 2011

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Transcript of French Colony of Madagascar

Madagascar Quick Facts: 1666-François Caron director of FEITC sailed to Madagascar

Late 17th century- French establish trading posts on East Coast

Late 17th century- Free colony of Libertalia founded Sailors called Madagascar "Island of the Moon" 7th Century:
Arabs and East Africans set up trading post on Northeast coast Middle Ages (1066-1485) : Madagascar Kings spread power through trade with Oceanic neighbors mainly Arabs, Persians and Somalis Madagascar was an improtant transoceanic trading port for East Africa Connected Africa to the Silk Road Served as a port for incoming ships Madagascar served as a contact port for seaport city-states like Sofala, Kilwa, Mobasa and Zanzibar 1500: European contact (Portuguese) 1666: Francois Caron director general of FEITC sails to Madagascar French East India Trading Company failed to set up a colony on the island Late 17th Century: French establish trading post along east coast Late 17th Century: Free Colony of Libertalia is founded in Northern Madagascar 1774 to 1824 Madagascar was a hangout for pirate 1883: 1896: French invade Madagascar French annex Madagascar Quick Fact: Quick Fact: Quick Fact: Quick Fact: Quick Fact: Quick Fact: Quick Fact: Road to Independence 1947: Malagasy Uprising 1956: Under the Overseas Reform Act reformed institutions were established October 14, 1958: Malagasy Republic Proclaimed (autonomous rule in French community) 1959: Provisional Government ends and constitution adopted carlsbadistan.com Thank You
Freddiew and Youtube
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