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Organelle Job Want Ads

No description

Tim mong

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Organelle Job Want Ads

Organelle Job Want Ads
Tim Mong
Plasma Membrane
For Hire!
Job description: Control what goes inside and outside of the cell.
Must have: people skills, attentive, forcerful, and knowledgable

P.S. Must be friendly to arriving tourists unless they are harmful
For hire!
Job describtion: Fill the entire cell, contain all the other organelles
Must haves/be: FRIENDLY, kind, area of 346 nanometers.
What did one cell say to his sister cell when she stepped in his toe?
Job description: Control center of cell. Hold DNA to tell what the other organelles to do. Makes salary of other cells.
Must haves/be: INTELLIGENT, teaching skills, leadership, and Must have a PHD.
For hire!
Here take this mRNA...
Can anyone else think for themselves??
For hire!
Tim Mong
Job description: Convert food into energy for the cell, powerhouse of the cell
Must haves/be: Strong, FAST, not procrastinate, and Focused.
P.S. Must be work with chloroplasts if in a plant cell, chloroplast gives you the glucose(food).
For Hire!
Job description: Break down food and waste molecules
Must haves/be: Selfless, environmentalist, and focused
P.S. Will work with vacoules, they will send you the wastes to break down
Transport vesicle
For Hire!
Job description: Moves materials from place to place.
Must haves/be: Endurance, stable, athletic, and sense of direction
How are the lysosome, vacoule, peroxisomes, and vesicles related?
Lysosomes and vacoules are types of vesicles. Lysosomes have more digesting enzymes and vacoules mostly contain water. Peroxisomes are lysosomes with a biproduct of H20.
For hire!
Holds materials, foods, waste, and mostly water. Helps structure the plant cell.
Must haves/be: big appetite, a lot of room, and thirst
Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum
For hire
Job description: Transport ribosomes and help in protein synthesis
Must haves/be: Not bashful(ribosomes are going to be touching you all day), strong, and fast
For hire!
Job description: Be a part of protein synthesis and make proteins
Must haves/be: Fast, efficient, friendly with Rough Endoplasmic reticulum, and focused.
For hire!
Job description: Breaks down molecules into Hydrogen Perioxide(H20)
Must haves/be: Not hydrophopic and fast and hard working
Avg. Salary: 80,000 ATP
Avg. Salary 40,000 ATP
Avg. Salary 70,000 ATP
Avg. salary: 45,000 ATP
Avg. salary: 55,000 ATP
Avg. salary: 50,000 ATP
Avg. salary 65,000 ATP
Avg. Salary 35,000 ATP
Avg. salary: 40,000 ATP
Avg salary: 65,000 ATP
Visit the Nucleolus to hand in your application
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