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Gymkhana 2013

No description

Kinsey Brashears

on 6 November 2016

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Transcript of Gymkhana 2013

Gymkhana 2013
My heart was still flying in anticipation, excitement, and a bit of fear. We had just finished our fifth and final event of the 2013 Morgan County Fair's Gymkhana. I knew as Rocky and I zoomed past the finish line it would be very close. I had completed most of the events in a very good time, but my biggest competitor was right on my heels; even one or two of her times were better.
Somebody opens the gate for us to exit the arena, and we do, my trusty horse Rocky panting and sweating. He had worked so hard; not only completing five events at top speed for me, but doing three for my sister Maddie when her horse acted up and doing the keyhole again when the judges forgot to start the timer the first time. Even though Rocky performed fabulous, my highest competitor had gotten a better time than me on the keyhole by around .07 seconds. I knew that it was very close on who would get Intermediate Grand Champion.
While the last people finished up, I led Rocky to the trailer with Maddie and her horse, Grease, by our side. We tied them up to the side of the trailer, relieved them of their heavy saddles, and hurried back to the stands, knowing they'd start the awards soon. Upon getting back, we were greeted with a loud orchestra of "good jobs" from our family and friends. I was hugged and patted on the back by everyone I knew. Then we waited. My hair was sweaty and limp, my face was coated in dirt, but nothing could ruin my pride and respect for all Rocky did for me.
"All right!" someone said into a microphone. "All the scores are calculated so let's get started." My stomach clenched nervously as they announced the placings for the juniors, including who won overall and reserve. Next came the intermediates.
I won several blue, 1st place ribbons, and a couple of red 2nd place ones for the events.
"And, the Intermediate Reserve Champion is..."
They announced my competitor's name into the microphone. People cheered for her, and she gave a small smile. If she got reserve, that meant...
I got Grand Champion! They called my name and handed me a shiny clock-plaque and a large, purple ribbon. "Intermediate Grand Champion Gymkhana" it read in bold gold letters. People hooted and cheered. Elation soared through me like birds in the sky as I shook hands with my competitor and told her good job like a good sport. I'd never felt so happy. After more congratulations and hugs, we finally reached our white, rusted pickup with a creaky old trailer to match and drove home. "Well," I thought to myself, "We may not have the best pickup, trailer, or equipment- but we definitely have the best horses."
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