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Privacy and Computers

No description

Franceska Xhakajf

on 11 May 2013

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Transcript of Privacy and Computers

PRIVACY Before Computers Internet era ECPA
October 21, 1986 Mar 2010
Lane v. Facebook, Inc. 2007
Full body scanners May 2007
Google Street View launched Privacy problems existed before computers
Less information
Harder to access March of 1982: TCP/IP standardized
Defines how
computers communicate/connect to the Internet
data is transmitted between them Prohibits a third party from disclosing communications without authorization
Applies to both government employees and private citizens.
Protects communications in storage as well as in transit. Apr 1995
NSFNET decommissioned What is more important, physical privacy or security?

"Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither and will lose both." -Benjamin Franklin

"The more difficult you make it for someone to conceal weapons, the fewer people there will be who are willing or capable of concealment"
-Michael Chertoff "It may seem a paradox, but an open society dictates a right-of-privacy among its members, and we [computer scientists] will have thrust upon us much of the responsibility of preserving this right"
--Paul Baran ...law enforcement agencies can obtain any email that's been opened by a recipient or that's more than 180 days old without the need of a warrant... 1994
The Driver’s Privacy Protection Act Oct 2011
Stop Online Piracy Act
(SOPA) introduced Nov 2011
Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act
CISPA Allows the sharing of Internet traffic information between the U.S. government and technology and manufacturing companies Feb 2013
Google Glass (our) Future Governs the privacy/disclosure of personal information gathered by DMV Actions now posted online for all to see

Issues include
Walking in to/out of sex shops
House burning down
Public Acts on your property EEG technology development

Introduces the concept of "THE INTERNET"

Universal language for every network device Genome sequencing 2003
HIPAA Implemented National Science Foundation's computer network for research projects

Backbone of the early Internet

Non-commercial use only Decommissioning Commercialized Internet Met with skepticism from consumers
Privacy Concerns
Can anyone record me whenever?

Already been hacked to turn off recording indicators

Uses voice recognition
Anything you say can and will be stored on Google's servers

Currently, the law does not "protect the American public from the 'electronic communications' of video recorded from a pair of glasses and uploaded to Google" Pros: Universality in patient access to records.
Guards against employers accessing.
Pre-existing condition patients can switch jobs. Law catching up to computers Cons: Time, Money, Effort
Too strict Interconnected society where access to information will be take if possible, need safeguard against this Security Commercial Of the Body Behavior/ Action Rebecca Schaeffer killed by a stalker Investigate cyber threats and ensure security against cyber attacks Importance Beacon program introduced by Facebook

Tracks users' activities on other sites

Bought diamond ring for wife online as a "surprise" gift

Settlement: shut down Beacon program, compensated plaintiffs, set up $9.5M privacy fund P R E Z i :) Bill to expand the ability of law enforcement to prosecute perpetrators of copyright infringement

Caused widespread fear for many reasons
Could have made YouTube liable for copyright
Allows domain blacklisting

Internet "Blackout" coordinated by Wikipedia, Reddit, and 7000+ more sites on January 18th, 2012
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