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The Red Scare/The Palmer Raids

No description

Zara N

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of The Red Scare/The Palmer Raids

The Red Scare/The Palmer Raids
Palmer Raids
Palmer and J. Edgar Hoover arrested suspected radicals
Arrested citizens without any reasoning or warning
Sparks of the Palmer Raids
Package which contained bomb sent to Ole Mayor Hanson's office
8 bombs sent Attorney Gen. Mitchell Palmer's home after Red Scare had commenced
The Post-War Red Scare
Public feared radicalism (communism, socialism, anarchism)
Communists motivated by Bolsheviks (Russian Revolution)
Strikes due to little pay led to riots
Complete chaos
Fueled conflict of the 1920's
http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-SeIxhLnk9tA/TzgtSuM2BMI/AAAAAAAAABs/ckA_v_lptsU/s1600/RadicalArrestsFull.gif (pic slide 3)
"History Alive!" textbook, Section 26.4, pages 336-37
Civil Liberty Controversy
Arrests issued by Palmer invaded civil liberties of Americans
Others believed fears of radicalism invaded civil liberties
Sedition laws
Caused even more chaos and violence
Additional Interesting Information
Wall Street Bombing:
Many believed that anarchists and communists caused the explosion
Caused Hoover to look out for suspected radicals

The End
Palmer publicized plan to overthrow government. Plan failed.
Arrested citizens were released without accusations, thus ending Palmer Raids
Campaign weakened radical movement in U.S.
Sacco and Vanzetti Trial:
Members of anarchist group
Convicted and later executed for radical activities and suspected crime and murder
One of the most controversial court cases in history
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