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HNC Business unit 1 -Business Organisations

No description

Holly Reynolds

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of HNC Business unit 1 -Business Organisations

Organisations - what are their objectives?
Organisations are groups of people, pursuing common goals, achieving results and standards of performance.

Usually they do one of two things
To provide products
To provide services

The Public Sector in focus
Public sector organisations can be seen in all advanced western economies and form part of mixed economy structures. The UK spends approximately 43% of GDP on the Public sector.
The UK Environment
Distinction between the public and private sector.

Group definitions
UK Business Environment and the Public Sector
Categories of Organisations
There are many different types of organisations in the business environment. They are set up to serve a number of different purposes and meet a variety of needs.
Setting the Scene
1940's onwards saw a growth in the public sector and a focus towards welfare.
1980's and a divide created change in the Public sector. Nationalised industries where sold by the government into the private sector.
2008 and the UK enters recession leading to more examination and reform of the welfare state.

Funding of services via taxation
A levy charge directly on the user

Can you identify changes to how the public sector serves the UK public?
Exercise on UK Public sector spending and the allocation of resources
In groups take a look at an example of previous UK public sector spending areas.

1) Consider how the budget is allocated.
2) Compared to the budget example. Were you right?
Privatisation of the public sector?

Good or Bad?

Always remember that there are arguments and counter arguments.

What is the key purpose of the Private sector?

In the news group starter task
In your group - select a news article from the previous weeks papers.
1) Identify why you feel it links to the Business Environment
2) Is there any impact to the UK economy or UK companies from your chosen article?
3) Discuss with the group

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