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Ligers by Alexis Mathisen

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 20 March 2014

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Transcript of Ligers by Alexis Mathisen

Ligers by Alexis Mathisen
Location 1
What is a Liger ?
Location 3
Interesting Facts
Final Destination
What does it eat ?
Location 2
Where do they live ?
. It is a mix between a lion and tiger
. Animal parks

. Zoos

. Hercules the famous liger lives in the Miami, Florda
. On hind legs a liger is twelve feet tall

. They can gain 1 Kg a day

. one Liger weighed 550 pounds

. Ligers are good at swiming and love water

. No black ligers exsist right now , but you can see a rare white liger

. They can also run 60 miles per hour [ mph]
( HUMANS can only run 27 [mph]

. Deer

. Sheep

. Goats

. beef

. and much more
Pictures and Videos
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