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Rachel Renee Russell by Arrystah

No description

lis lab3

on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Rachel Renee Russell by Arrystah

Rachel Renee Russell grew up in Michagane by arrystah here are her books dork diaries-tales from not so fabulous life ,party girl,not so talented pop star,graceful ice princess, not so smart miss know it all i like this book because she has attitude and takes pride in her work i like this book because these characters that she put in this book are really funny like this girls name ccp,and nikki they always get into and makinzi she thinks she is the only one that is pretty and the world revolves around her the people she makes are really funny she is interresting she has surprising parts. Her books keep me busy because there funny and she writes about feelings. rachel writes about 9 people in her books rachel grew up in Michigan and is now living in Virginia by Arrystah RACHEL RENEE RUSSELL started to right books because her kids inspired her. In her books she talks about 5 main people. Her books are interesting. Dork Diarie books:
Tales From not so fabulous
Tales from not so popular party girl
Tales from talented pop star
Tales from not so graceful ice princess
Tales from not so smart miss know it all 5 fun facts
*She is really funny
*The characters she made are really funny mean and sometimes sad
*she seems really nice
*she is really surprising
*her kids inspired her Rachel Renee Russell
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