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No description

Nicole Haines

on 16 August 2014

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Transcript of Penthouse

Fire Alarm!
If the fire alarm goes off (which it will because we will have 2 fire drills a semester) you need to exit the building!!!!!
Quiet Hours: 9pm-9am everyday
You must escort your guests at all times
*A guest is anyone who doesn't live on this floor*
Visiting hours:
Mon-Thurs 11am-1am and Fri 11am-Monday 1am
Same sex guests can sleep over if it is okay with your roommate--max of 3 days in a row
No alcohol or drugs, including paraphernalia
Don't let other people use your volcard or room key
Lock your door if no ones inside
Don't damage walls in your room (no holes)
Don't move or remove lobby furniture
No open heating elements
No pets, except fish
Get to know your RA!
Nicole Haines
Anthropology Major
2nd year RA & 3rd year living in Morrill
From Long Island, New York
Welcome Penthouse
Potterheads to the
First Floor Meeting!

Coed teams or all male/female teams
Your Buddy Floor!
(Don't worry we're cooler)
The 13th floor!
RA: Nick Nagy
Geography Major/ German Minor
2nd year RA
From Murfreesboro, TN
You can come to either one of
us if you need anything!
Head Staff
Josh Boehm
(Hall Director)
Amy Clinton
Hall Director)
Morrill Hall
Laundry Room
Rec Room (ping pong, foosball, pool)
1st Floor
Front desk
Someone will be there 24/7
Pick up packages
Rent movies, sports equipment, kitchen equipment with license
24/7 locked door to elevator lobby
Card swipe access
Mailboxes in elevator lobby
Dining Halls
Morrill Dining
2nd floor of Morrill
Open Mon-Fri 7am-8pm
In presidential court across from Carricks
Open Sun-Fri 7am-8pm, Sat 7am-2:30pm
Southern Kitchen
In Volunteer Hall
Open Mon-Fri 7am-8pm

All dining halls take meal swipes
Menus, hours of operation, and closings due
to inclement weather can be found
online at utdining.utk.edu
Housekeeping & Maintenance
The housekeeping and maintenance staff are awesome and super friendly!
Housekeeping cleans the bathrooms once a week, the schedule is posted in the lobby
If something breaks or is not working properly, tell me immediately and submit
a maintenance request online!
Remember to be respectful and friendly to the housekeeping
and maintenance staff, they
do a lot of work for you!
The Community
This is a coed floor and building
Be mature about it....
Be respectful and keep an open mind because everyone comes from different backgrounds
You have an opportunity to meet 61 new people on this floor alone and over 700 people in the building!
Don't waste it!

Do your laundry! (its free!)
Remove everything from the bathroom the day housekeeping comes to clean
No solicitation
Don't do/have illegal things
RESPECT each other and all staff!
If there is a problem, talk about it!
It's the only way to
get the issue resolved!

Lock Out Keys

3 free lock out keys, the 4th and
everyone after that will be a $25
charge to your vol account
Lost Keys will result in a $30 recore
charge to your vol account
Hold onto your key!!!
And remember to not give
it to anyone else!
Clearance Forms
Please complete ASAP!
Write down any damages and be thorough so you won't be charged for them in the spring when you check out!
It will auto-submit in 3 days
so make sure you
get it done!
Exit through the stairs at the end of any hallway
Do not try to take the elevator!!!!
When you get out of the building, you need to get across the street (safely) and onto the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street
Safety & Security
Do not let strangers follow you through the lock door
If you see someone who doesn't live on the floor, you can tell them to leave or you can find me or go to the front desk!
If there is an immediate danger, you can call UTPD as well
Non-Emergency Number: (865)974-3114
Emergency Number: (865) 974-3111
Put these numbers in your phones....
Morrill Hall
Residents Association
What is it?

Morrill's student-run hall association
You're a resident, so you're
already a member!
They plan fun things
with free food!
Who wants to start a team!?
Flag football, soccer, volleyball, etc...
First 6 Weeks!
Week 1: Room Decoration Competition
Tuesday at 7PM
Week 2: Kickball with the 13th floor
Wednesday, August 27 at 5PM
Week 3: Trip to Hogsmeade (Market Square)
Friday, September 5 at 5PM
Week 4: Paint the Rock with the 10th Floor!
Thursday/Friday Sept. 11/12
Week 5: Block Party with the West Area
Thursday September 18th
Week 6: Potions class
Friday, Sept 26

Each hallway is a different house!
West = Hufflepuff
South = Gryffindor
East= Ravenclaw
North= Slytherin
Certain activites throughout the year will earn you house points!
Ex: Coming to programs = 10 points
The winning house will get a special surprise at the end of the semester!

Freshmen please stay behind so I can give you your welcome week schedule!
Phone #: (516)312-8039
Email: nhaines@vols.utk.edu
Snapchat: nhainesy
Facebook group: Penthouse Potterheads
Come visit me in my room--my door will be open a lot, but if it's
closed, just knock!
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