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Natural Resources During The Industrial Revolution

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on 28 February 2014

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Transcript of Natural Resources During The Industrial Revolution

Timber Industry
Timber was used for energy, shipbuilding, and construction. In the beginning of the revolution wood, water, and wind were the only forms of energy. Machines were invented, that created wool and cloth. Timber was used to power the machines. Timber was not only used to generate energy, but it was used to create weapons, such as axes. Then the axes were used to cut down even more timber, and the process is repeated. It was a win-win situation.
Natural Resources During The Industrial Revolution
Coal Industry
During the 1700s, English people discovered that coal burned better and was more efficient than wood charcoal. Coal replaced charcoal, and it began to be used less and less. The coal was mined in shafts that were 500 feet underground. In the 1800s, more uses of coal were discovered, than began to use than in factories to make weapons.
During the 1900's, oil was discovered under dirt and soil in Texas. The oil was called "Black Gold". Oil was also a great contributor to the farming industry. The oil was used in machines that plowed the lands. A company, Hamell, drilled oil. At the time they were drilling 80,000 barrels of oil a day. Hundreds of feet of sand fell down on the mill, which causes the process to slow.
Iron Industry
Iron was used to improve and adjust machines and auto tools during the Industrial Revolution. It was also used to build bridges and ships. The iron industry began in forested areas, because trees were necessary to make fuel, which was charcoal.
Oil Industry
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