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beatriz martinez

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of TEXAS

The official food of Texas is chili , considered Tex-Mex , the southern dish and barbecue . Regions where the creole and Cajun this is popular of the east of Texas
Stephen Austin statue is located south of Angleton, a Texas city. Austin is considered the father of Texas.
Ring Ceremony: after a long semester the students are giving with the Texas State Official Ring. Then, the students deep the ring into the San Marco river and flow to the fountain of the village.
Texas climate varies widely, from arid in the west to humid in the east.
While snowfall is more common across northern Texas than in its southern sections, snow has fallen heavily near and along the middle and upper Texas coastline.
The Texas flag is the official symbol of the state of Texas, has a star, the flag has three colors red blue and white
  The colors of the flag symbolize the courage (red), purity and liberty (white), and loyalty (blue).
Texas is in the south of USA
Texas is the second state
most popular
(after California)
and the second-largest
of the 50 states
(after Alaska) in the
United States of America.
Texans often travel on horseback.
They have great tradition as cowboys.
The shows monument cows are very common in Texas .Texans are not large but tantalizing so often marry their sisters or cousins there problems not very serious. Texans are big sports fans.
San Jacinto
San Jacinto monument is a 567 .31 high column.
The monument is topped with star

Texas is a transition between gaps , isn't very hilly but has some mountains
Miguel Franco: location 2
Nacho Vilanova: traditions 2. Ricardo España: gastronomy.
Julia Carcaño: monument 1 and tradiccions 1.
Beatriz Martínez: flag , climate
san jacinto , location 2 and landscape.
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