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Biomass 生物质能

Creation of Eli Reese & Seth Teeter!

Seth Teeter

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Biomass 生物质能

Energy Source heat water to make steam steam turns turbines electrical energy Economy burn fuel Advantages
Disadvantages Advantages *$60 per year to
to heat your house. *Turning waste from
farms and forest into
biomass could produce
7,500 megawatts of
energy to power all of
New England's homes. Disadvantages *4% of energy in the U.S. is made
by biomass *This is the process to
produce heat with biomass *You must have a lot
of land to make all the
fuel needed for biomass. Types of Energy *Biomass burns wood,
corn, garbage, landfill,
gas, and alcholol fuels Seth Teeter *Biomass is renewable By: Eli Reese Biomass Environment Advantages
Disadvantages Advantages *It would create less demand
on fossil fuels *The fuel tends to be cheap Disadvantages *Getting fuel in sufficent
quantities can be difficult *Burning biofuel can create
green house gas just like
fossil fuels do *There will always be
plenty of waste for
biomass use *some waste materials
aren't available year
round THE END 生物质能 &
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