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No description

Mèo Gừng

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of yahoo

yahoo - since 1994 what the hell is happening there?! the company's vision found in 1994 help consumers Their properties but the hi-tech world's not that simple How they did it ? Found in 1994 "deliver your world, your way" by David Filo and Jerry Yang find what they are looking for Using technology, insights, and intuition to create deeply personal digital experiences 700 mil users
across borders Where's Yahoo now? By David Filo and Jerry Yang and
discover wonders
they didn’t expect yahoo
from stars to dust The Internet has given a "Globalized" dimension to the world Social web and
Mobile technology They take the third place

but with really low marketshare As a search engine Taking the third place As an email website First place As a question answer website Taking the third place As an online ads selling company Yahoo Seventh in top 10 Internet technology and software companies Yahoo’s Market Share is declining yahoo's internal details First, leadership structure Marissa Mayer
Chief Executive Officer, President and Director Michael Barrett
Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer Ron Bell
General Counsel and Secretary Executive Vice President, Technology and Operations David Dibble David Filo
Co-founder and Chief Yahoo! Timothy R. Morse
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer Christophe Parcot
Vice President & Managing Director Yahoo! EMEA Mickie Rosen

Senior Vice President, Global Media & Commerce, Shashi Seth
Senior Vice President, Connections Raymond Stern

Senior Vice President of Strategy, Corporate Development and New Ventures Rose Tsou
Senior Vice President, APAC Region They have 15 members in the management team, seven of which are techies
(engineers, scientists, or mathematicians) Total techies in “leadership” 10/25 = 40%
Compare with 58% of Google they call themselves "Media company" why???
cause they make money by selling ads Yahoo's culture under Marissa Mayer
( a little bit different ) MAKING YOURSELF AVAILABLE USERS SETTLE DESIGN DEBATES STREAMLINED, MEETING-FREE LAUNCHES a company's culture, set by its leadership team, is one of the key intangibles that determines sustainable success with more than 12,000 employees in 25 countries, provinces, and territories They’re organized by regions, and operations like, finance, marketing and customer relationship Failure to stay focus

Failure to changes of customer habit

Failure to keep up with the fast pace of
changing in technology which lead to 88.8% 4.2% 2.4% The company has never had a coherent business strategy
A media company
or a technology company ???
In the glory days of 10 or 15 years ago, Yahoo thrived almost by sheer luck, setting up features like mail, news and financial data that resonated with the Web’s early audience. But that piecemeal strategy endures today to Yahoo’s harm.
Google’s mission is to organize information. Facebook’s is to connect people.
And Yahoo? It’s a site collecting a bunch of aging Web features. 2. Industry Environment Details CONTROLLING PROCESS
more specific,
Strategic Controlling It's all comes down to the... Yahoo.com_All you need to know Basic Management
University of Economics and Law
Lecturer: Dr. Cindy Nguyen
Group 4-K11402T Internet Industry = Highly Complex and Dynamic But also they participate in Content communication Co-branded Internet Services Mobile Services Commerce Small Business Advertising YAHOO's PEST ANALYSIS Porter's Five Forces SUBTITUTE PRODUCTS VERY HIGH Other sites on the Web that are
offering the same services as Yahoo
Skype, Facebook and Google NEW ENTRANTS EXTREMELY HIGH People creating web sites with ease entering the World Wide Web everyday. Due to:

Easy to create a site
Fast money
and Infrastructure and security SUPPLIERS MEDIUM Companies provide Telecom Services and network equipment
People who work creating the websites
=> Yahoo must have monetary and non-monetary incentives to keep employees BUYERS HIGH Advertisers and the public

go on yahoo's web pages
prescribe to services offered, shops,
and spends money on the site. RIVALRIES VERY HIGH Google, Facebook, Bing, AOL, MSN and rising multinational Internet Corporation Revenue US$ 4.98 billion (2011)

Operating income US$ 800 million (2011)

Net income US$ 1.04 billion (2011)

Total assets US$ 14.78 billion (2011)

Total equity US$ 12.53 billion (2011)

Employees 12,0 00 (May 2012)

Website http://Yahoo.com ISSUE DETAILS 4. Theories Relevant to the Issues Product Life Cycle Theory Prospector theory content communication Co-branded Internet Services Small Business Advertising Mobile Services can't keep up with the technologies and create barrier against new entrants since 1994 here they are no new outstanding services and product to keep up with the pace Fail to adapt to the changes of environment Customer habits are changing ! solutions => unrelated diversification and economy of scope Quick products and High quality Focus on target market Coherent Mobile strategy Do more of what we're good at
and less of what we're not Small M&A
(< $100 million) HR control and improved morale Function and Product
Departmentalisation Political Economic Social-Cultural Technology SWOT STRENGTH

Distinctive Competencies
- Diversification: services and more than 500 million users worldwide.
- Yahoo! Overture: Yahoo’ main income stream through advertising business
- Well-established brand with a long history of quality and innovation in the industry

Competitive Advantages
- Differentiation Strategy: Yahoo answer and Yahoo Search.
- Patents: 1029 patents => give them the advantage in attracting investors and lawsuits against competitors. WEAKNESSES
Human resources:
- The number of techies (engineers, scientists and mathematicians) in Yahoo is low (7/15 in comparison with 42/70 techies in members of leadership of Google)
Problems in innovation and meeting customers’ needs:
- Most of the services provided by Yahoo are unknown in the internet space.
- Number of patents is comparatively low in comparison with Google (1124) and Apple (4649). OPPORTUNITIES
- Increasing number of mobile users (>1 billion in the coming years).
- Huge number of users: > 500 million users worldwide and expanding in the future.
- Online advertising is developing and will dominate the advertising market in the future.
- Development of Cloud Computing Technology: create a new trend and competitive advantage for Yahoo. THREATS
- Intense competition from Google, AOL, MSN, Facebook, Bing, etc.
- Strategic allies: income stream would be affected if telecommunication providers change or remove Yahoo’s package in their channel or service.
- International, culture specific competitors: Baidu (China) Altavista (Korea). Recommendation Corporate-level Strategy Related Diversification Improve in implementing More mobile services please habits are changing fail to develop in technology lead to Barrier against new entrants Thank you for listening !!!

Hope you enjoy our presentation Ms. Anh Duong
Mr. Duy Nguyen
Ms. Sam Nguyen
Ms. Thi Dang
Mr. Tu Bui LET'S GO !!!
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