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Year 5 camp - Lady MacLehose

No description

James Hollingsworth

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Year 5 camp - Lady MacLehose

Be prepared
Camp checklist
The Bigger picture - Why we go to camp
Adult support and safety
In your day bag
In your Suitcase/Cabin bag/Holdall
150 Children: 14 Adults - Ratio of 1:11
Tuesday, 9th December, 2014 - Friday 12th December
Our campsite location and facilities
Emails will be sent to signal our arrival at camp on Tuesday and our return to school on Friday. Any replies to these emails will not be addressed until we have returned from camp.

Cover It Live App - Allows us to share what's happening on camp with you at home.
Year 5 camp - Lady MacLehose
Full water bottle – 500 ml
2 box drinks
Snack for first day in a disposable bag
Packed lunch from home
Pencil case
Pencils – coloured + HB
Ruler + eraser + pen
Pack of tissues
Sun block
Insect repellant
Money purse + $150 in small notes
Disposable camera (optional)

3 sets underwear
2 pairs shorts
2 pair jeans/light trousers
3 T-shirts (short sleeves)
Spare sun hat
1 long sleeved shirt
1 smart outfit
2 Sweatshirt or fleece
Flip flops/crocs
Fold up raincoat
Thick gloves (for rope course)
Towel for showers
Plastic laundry bag
Plastic bag for wet towels
Wash bag
Soap or shower gel
Spare sun block
Spare insect repellant
Comb or hairbrush
Small game

All items must be clearly named
Your money, camera, watch and other valuables are your own responsibility
All T-shirts should cover your shoulders – no singlets, strappy or halter tops
No umbrellas, electronic games or equipment and
Ensure that your child's gateway records are up to date

How you can help?
It is important for your child's independence that home communication is limited.
Develop key
Self Contained
Trips out into the local area
- Sports/Art activities on site
- Tap Mun
- Sheung Yiu Village
- Sai Kung Town
- Only medication which has been placed on the gateway will be administered by staff.
- This must include all medication and allergies.
Detailed Risk assessment covering all aspects of the camp site and surrounding locations has been completed.
First aid trained staff in attendance.
Trained coaches will support campsite activities.
- Bungalow accommodation (2-8persons)
Purpose of this evening
To inform you about the logistics and general information about camp

Demonstrate the position of school camp within the curriculum

Generate excitement and enthusiasm amongst the year 5 parents regarding camp
- All medication should be placed in zip lock bag with dosage, times and name.
Learning outside of the classroom
Experience new opportunities
Reinforce relationships
Help your child to pack and ensure that they have all the required equipment.
Have a positive mentality - Help to relieve any anxiety that your child may have.
Name everything!
Year 5 camp - Lady MacLehose - Sai Kung
Thank you for your support in making your child's experience a memorable one.
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