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Places in the city vocabualry class

No description

Valentina Lastra

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Places in the city vocabualry class

Places in the neighborhood
You will have to guess a word that has 10 letters.
You have to raise your hand if you want to say a letter that you think is part of the word, or the whole word.
You can´t repeat letters that your classmates have said before.
If you fail, we will put a part of the man's body on the board.
You have to guess the word before we put all the man's body on the board.
Practice Phase
We have a map with places of the city and cards with the names of these places.
You will have to put each card in its correct place in the map.
If you are right you can win a prize.
That students learn the neigborhood vocabulary
Presentation Phase
We have a big map with drawings of places in the city.
You have to listen carefully and be quiet because the show is going to start.
We are going to make a play in relation to the theme. It is going to be a tourist asking for different places in the city and other people that will use the map to answer.
You can realize that sometimes we say there is and sometimes we say there are.
We use there is when we are talking of one thing, and there are when we are talking of more than one thing.
Production Phase
We are going to play BINGO
You are going to have a BINGO card with a drawing of the places in the city we have learned today.
You have to put a chip over the drawing of the place we name if you have it in your card.
The first one that completes the whole card will win.
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