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Summary of Good Night Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian

No description

Mags Clancy

on 25 May 2013

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Transcript of Summary of Good Night Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian

'Good Night Mister Tom'

by Michelle Magorian Setting: When and where a novel or a play takes place. http://youtu.be/abLgfmzTO64 'Goodnight Mister Tom' is set in England in 1939 at the beginning of World War II. During this time millions of children were evacuated from London and other big cities to escape the Blitz. This was the name of the bombing campaign that the Luftwaffe waged over Britain. Physical Description
Big, strong
Fit and active
White hair Character: Tom Oakley Physical Description
under nourished
bruised and battered
Shinier, brighter hair
filled out
bright eyed
recovered from his wounds Character: Willie Personality
fearful, frightened, nervous
Low self esteem - feels guilt and shame. Willie is ashamed of his bruises, not because of the fact that he has been beaten, but because he believes that he deserved to beaten because he was bad and that this will show everyone what a sinful boy he is.
more relaxed and at ease
more talkative
more sociable and outgoing
improves hugely at school
a brilliant artist
good actor
very fond of Tom
best friends with Zach
more independent and less naive
more courageous and open to new things. When they visit Spooky Cott he leads the way and Zach is the one who is frightened
higher self esteem and more confident & determined PQE Answering Structure

Question - What kind of man is Tom Oakley?

Point (P) - Begin your answer using the words from the question to make your main point. Your point is like a one line answer to the question:

(P) -Tom Oakley is a kind and caring man.

Then you must use evidence from the novel to prove your point. This is called a quote (Q).

(Q) - Tom says, 'When your in my house', he said in a choked voice, 'You'll live by my rules. I ent ever hit a child and if I ever do, it'll be with the skin of my hand.'

Remember to use 'inverted commas' when you quote from the story and that a quote does not have to be something someone says. You must write your quote exactly as it is in the text.

Lastly you must explain (E) how this quote proves your point.

(E) We can see that Tom is a kind and caring man because he says that he has never hit a child and that if he ever does it will be with his hand and not with the belt buckle his mother used. Your answer should look like this:

(P) Tom Oakley is a kind and caring man.

(Q) We see this when he says, 'When your in my house,' he said in a choked voice,' you'll live by my rules. I ent ever hit a child and if I ever do it'll be with the skin of me hand.'

(E) We can see that Tom is a kind and caring man because he says that he has never hit a child and that if he ever does it'll be with the his hand and not with the belt buckle that Willie's mother used to use. Chapter 1 Summary

Willie Beech, an 8 year old, frail and frightened young boy, is evacuated to the country and is billeted to stay with a Tom Oakley, a gruff old man in his sixties. Willie assumes Tom will beat him for threatening to hit his dog, Sammy. We realize Willie is beaten at home by his mother. Chapter 2 Summary

Tom brings Willie into town where he asks Mrs Fletcher to knit some new clothes for Willie. Willie meets the farmer's daughter Lucy. Tom also orders extra milk and prepares a room for Willie. After getting sick, Willie waits for a beating from Tom but Tom tells him he will never beat him. Tom sees cuts and bruises all over Willie's thin body as he dries him after he got soaked in the rain. Chapter 3 Summary

Willie awakes to find he has wet the bed and gets sick. We learn that Willie can't read or write. Tom takes Willie to see Dr Little who believes he is suffering from malnutrition. Willie posts his letter at the Post Office where he meets a boy who captures his attention. Chapter 4 Summary

Tom takes Willie to town and buys him a sweet, a comic, some material for new clothes and a pair of boots. Willie is shocked at Tom's kindness and cannot believe all these new things are for him. He also takes Willie to the library and takes out some books for him. Chapter 5 Summary

Tom takes Willie to church where he meets Mr Peters, the vicar. Willie is surprised at how relaxed and cheerful everyone is at church compared to his church in London. The congregation listen to war being declared over the wireless by Prime Minister Chamberlain. Tom Mr Fletcher, his sons and William begin build an Anderson shelter in Tom's garden. Willie enjoys the work but is too embarrassed to take off his jersey and reveal his bruises. Chapter 6 Summary

While finishing off the shelter Willie is visited by Zach, the boy from the Post Office, to ask if he can help. Zach is a talkative, well-spoken, exuberant boy who has also been evacuated. His parents work in the theatre. Willie is shocked when Zach tells him he likes him. Meanwhile, Tom volunteers to help out with fire watching. The townspeople are stunned as Tom has cut himself off from society since the death of his wife. Later, Zach asks if he can come and play again tomorrow with Willie and that night Willie has a bath for the first time in his life. Chapter 7 Summary

Willie goes blackberry picking with George, Zach and the twins Ginnie and Carrie. To his amazement they are friendly to him and he has a great time. Later, he makes jam with Tom and is delighted that he has spent a whole day with children of his own age and survived it. Zach Wrench

black curly hair
brown oval eyes
Wiry, tanned body
baggy corduroy shorts
tattered sandals Personality
Articulate - well spoken
Very forward, outgoing, self-confident
Chatty, talkative
Vivid imagination
Sociable, friendly
Flamboyant - over the top
Exuberant - full of energy
Non judgemental
Sensitive Chapter 8

Willie has his first day at school but feels humiliated when he is forced to join the class of the younger children because he can't read or write. Tom decides that he will help Willie with his reading and writing at home. Willie is almost overcome by emotion and even Tom feels a lump in his throat. Later, George, Ginnie, Carrie and Zach call to let Willie know that they still want him to be their friend and he is again moved by this. Chapter 9

It's Willie's birthday but he doesn't seem to think it's such a big deal. Tom is surprised that no gifts arrive from Willie's mother. To Willie's great surprise he is showered with gifts from his friends and neighbours and is deeply moved when Tom buys him a paint set. Tom begins to realise that Willie is having a positive effect on him and that he is starting to really come to terms with his wife's death for the first time. To Willie's great shock Tom has also arranged a surprise party for him with all his friends. Willie has the best day of his life and is overcome by emotion. Chapter 10

A case from Zach's parents arrives containing all sorts of unusual things like a technicolour jumper, a pair of tap shoes, a mini dress suit and some books. The children decide they are going to start their own local paper and they will start the first days work in Willie's room at Tom's house. Chapter 11

Willie's friends call round and they have a great evening planning their new local newspaper, 'The Gazette'. William wakes up the next morning to find that, for the first time since he arrived, he hasn't wet the bed. Chapter 12

The children are rehearsing for the school show, 'A Christmas Carol', when Willie has to stand in to play a part. It turns out he is a natural actor - he simply uses his vivid imagination to picture a character and then acts it out. When he arrives home Tom informs him that he will be taking over as the organist for the Christmas carol service. Both are very excited and nervous about their new roles. Chapter 13

Willie and Tom attend their choir practice and it turns out that Tom is an excellent organist. Later he plays some tunes for William that remind him of his wife Rachel. He later tells Willie about Rachel's death and that his son was also named William. Tom admits to Willie that he enjoyed taking part in the choir. Chapter 14

Willie is at last promoted to Mrs Hartridge's class where he surprises everybody with how much he has progressed and amazes them with his painting. Three months later he returns home from school one evening and Tom informs him that he has had a letter from his mother; she is ill and Willie must return to look after her. Chapter 15

Willie says a sad goodbye to Tom and travels alone by train to London. His hopes of a fond reunion with his mother are soon dashed. She accuses him of stealing and begging for the gifts he has received and she beats him savagely when she hears about his Jewish friend, Zach. Shockingly, she is keeping a baby in the house. The baby is filthy and it's mouth has been taped shut. Chapter 16

After three weeks without any word from Willie, Tom begins to get anxious. He finally decides to go to London to find Willie. With the help of a local warden and a policeman, Tom finds Willie's house and they break in. Chapter 17

Tom finds Willie filthy, barely dressed and tied to a metal pipe. He is holding on tightly to the baby which has been dead for some time. Willie is terrified and deeply traumatized. He is covered in cuts and bruises. Tom takes him to hospital where he is told that Willie will be placed in a children's home. Tom is horrified and kidnaps him from the hospital and takes him back to Little Weirwold. Chapter 18

Will is traumatised and suffers terrible nightmares. Finally, he lets out a terrible scream in his sleep and begins to recover. Zach, and later Tom, teach William about the birds and the bees and Tom explains to William, that the baby's death was not his fault. Willie tells Tom that he loves him and Mr Tom says that he loves him too. Willie visits Mrs Hartridge and her baby and this helps him get over the loss of his little half-sister, Trudy. Chapter 19

Tom, Willie and Zach spend a wonderful fortnight at the seaside. They return to hear the great news that Carrie has been accepted into the high school. Chapter 20

Zach and Will finally pluck up the courage to visit Spooky Cott. To their surprise they find that an ex-soldier who has lost his fiance, as well as his leg in a bombing, has been living in the cottage. Geoffrey Sanderton turns out to be a professional artist and offers to give Will extra lessons as well as volunteering to help out at the school. Will returns home to find a policeman, the warden and a psychiatrist who have come to take him to a children's home. Will refuses to go and after a discussion amongst the adults it is decided that Mr Tom will adopt Will and he will become his son! Chapter 21

The children return to school but Zach decides to go to London to see his father who has been injured in the Blitz. Willie awakes one morning to hear the devastating news that Zach has been killed in an air raid. He collapses in shock. Chapter 22

Will is devastated by the loss of Zach. He finds himself struggling to accept his death. Eventually, he visits Zach's room at the Little's. He decides to fix up his bike and learn how to cycle. He finds that he is able to imagine Zach being with him when he cycles and begins to come to terms with his death. Will accepts that he can live without Zach and still remember him. He also understands that he is now a 'whole' person. He realises that his own bubbly, cheeky personality was there all along, it was just buried deep inside him.
Tom is overcome by happiness that night when William calls him Dad fro the first time. Chapter 23

William and Carrie spend a day together by the river. They talk about Zach and realise that they are both changing and that they have a lot to look forward to in life. Will comes home that evening and announces to Mr Tom that he is growing at last! Declaration of War
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