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Virginia Rocks

No description


on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of Virginia Rocks

Virginia Rocks
Political Research
Virginia is the 10 state. George Washington lived there before he became a president.Virginia had a war with south Carolina... AND WON!!!!! The state colors are red, green, blue and white. Did you also know that those colors were chose by James Monroe, who also grew up in Virginia!
Virginia's geography is like no other! We think this because the shoreline is 3,315 miles long! That is about the distance from Miami to Seattle,isn't that long!!!!! The water is a mix of saltwater and freshwater. They are having problems with water pollution. Lots of lakes are famous for its fishing.
by:Peta Elle Alex
Hello people of the United States. We are going to teach you about Virginia! Yay! We are also going to prove to you that Virginia is the best state ever!!!! Read on to find out...................
The capitol of Virginia is Richmond. The governor of this awesome state is Terry McAuliffe. He has more power than most of the other governors in the US. Virginia has 100 state representatives and 40 state senators.
this is Terry McAuliffe. People in Virginia really like him!
This is Chesapeake bay it is popular for fishing.
this is the Virginia state flag, cool, isn't it?
We chose the University Of Virginia for our fun place.They have a sports team named the Virginia Cavaliers. (AKA the ''Whos.'') Only very smart people go to this school!!!
This is the home of the whos!!
Virginia gets its money by growing Tobacco,potatoes, tomatoes,fishing, and farming. They grow the most tobacco in the southeast region.BOOOOO!!!!!!!

these are tobacco farmers. Gross!
1.State bird: Cardinal
2.State tree:American Dogwood
State beverage is milk
4.These first people grew corn, squash, beans, and other vegetables also tobacco.
5.1789 George Washington becomes president
6.1788 Virginia becomes the 10 state
7.1865 General Robert E. surrenders to the Union army
8.1863 West Virginia breaks away from Virginia
9.1959 Schools start to be integrated
10. Summer 85/65°F Winter 48/30°F


but here is some smiley faces!!!
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