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Medieval theatre

No description

clara EVANS

on 29 March 2015

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Transcript of Medieval theatre

different stages
Drama inside the Church – Liturgical Drama
-plays put on by the Church to teach bible stories
-first players were the monks
- Liturgy is medieval drama, based on incidents in the Bible and performed in churches on holy days, usually in Latin and often chanted.
Morality plays:
-used religious character themes to teach a moral lesson
Mystery plays:
-dramatized events from the bible or plays about events.
- from approx. 500 to 1500 A.D. is the period of the Middle Ages in theatre history

Medieval theatre
Types of plays
Miracle plays
-Plays about lives of saints
Guild cycles
-Guilds were an association of tradesmen with the same trade who would act out a part of the bible to do with their trade which was called a cycle.

pageant carts
mansion stages
-A rolling stage on a wagon with multiple levels.
People could walk along the side.
-Large stages were set up in the town square, with different areas representative of different stages of life
During medieval ages , stages could be either fixed or movable...
pageant carts
Mansion stages
church theater
Passion plays
-a play based on the last week in the life of Christ.
Famous playwrights
-John Ashton wrote a passion play called "The Passion of Christ"
-Hrosvitha, german femal writer.
- male
- single actor played different characters in one play because they were poorly paid.
- Devil=main character
quick recapitulation main events of the medieval times
-Clovis, Charlemagne, Vikings, Richard Lionheart, ect...
-Magna Carta
-hundred year wars
-Black death
-Joan of Arc
Plays and stages
- theater wasn't paid well
- tiring to stand up
- theater was for everyone

-pageant cart theater was standing.
-At the end of a play, the actors would ask for money but not everybody would pay.

People during the plays
At the end
1) What were the type of stages?
a) mansion stages
b) passion stages
c)pageant carts
d) morality stages
e) church
2) How many types of plays were there?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 6
d) 4
e) 2
3) What were there names?
a) morality, passion, church, animal, comedy and mask plays
b) morality, comedy, mystery, passion, miracle and guy plays
c) mystery, guild cycles, miracle, passion, masque and history plays
d) mystery, miracle, guild cycles, morality, masque and passion plays
4) Who would act(actors) in plays?
a) females
b) slaves
c) males
Who would often be the main character?
5) Were people standing or sitting during the plays?
a particular play
glorifying the nobility
6) Did people pay to watch a play?
-Everyman: morality play
-Second Sheperds play: mystery play
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