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History of Horror Movies- 1980's

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Paula Kowalska

on 11 October 2016

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Transcript of History of Horror Movies- 1980's

Development of characters
The aliens were no longer portrayed as cute and harmless as represented in movies such as Star Wars and were made to be grotesque and vicious in movies such as in the Alien trilogy and The Thing. Werewolves became prominent in this era in movies like An American Werewolf in London and ghosts were less provided in this era but they were still used to create terror as traditional ones in movies like The Shining or more ambiguous such as Freddy Krueger, who was technically a ghost
Zombies made a huge comeback in this era, making the box office a huge amount of money. Movies such as Gremlins (1984) and Ghostbusters (1984) meant that the primary demographic for horror movies in the 1980s were 15-24 year olds. The demographic was believed to be linked to the fact that the majorly grossing horror movies in that era contained violence, shock and sex.
Horror movies from the 1980's were primarily focused on distorting the human body to something completely different and terrifying using new form of animations and developed stage makeup such as liquid and foam latex. This era of horror movies was revolutionary as it developed on all the ideas that previous horror movies had but could never realize since they didn't have the technology to do so. However, whilst it allowed monsters to become more complex and believable, they were all the same as in previous horror movies e.g. werewolves and ghosts.
History of Horror Movies- 1980's

It's been
argued that even though this era was revolutionary for using special effects that had never been used in horror movies previously, it lacked the fear factor that previous eras provided, making the movies almost comical with all the blood and gore and body parts being flung in different directions. However, films without any monsters (such as The Cat People) provided the viewer through fear by mere suggestion.
Here is a video of the Top 10 Horror Movies of the 80's
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