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Effects of globalization on Germany

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Hansi Keineahnung

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of Effects of globalization on Germany

Effects of globalization on Germany
Facts about Germany





Facts about Germany
Federal Republic of Germany


80.6 million inhabitants

social market economy

member state of the EU, NATO and UN
membership of international organizations (EU, UN, NATO), so many decisions need to be made on a higher international level
UN: prevent war, overflowing nationalism, loss of peace and economic depressions
based on the declaration of human rights
european integration and international and interegional cooperation
tax avoidance
internationalization of law and adaptation to European rules
reduced role of the national government
Politic is sometimes only a spectator
closer connection to economy

The globalization in the environment

Facts/ problems:
Germany as an exportnation: a lot of transportation (airplane, ship, trucks…)
Germany also sends people to other countries for inspections, meetings, etc. -> transportation
->Too much of the gas CO2
Energy requirement is higher than the stocks of natural resources
Result: climate change -> global climate warming -> floods, storms, glaciers melt
-> Costs of the pollution are paid by the taxpayers

Solutions (what YOU can do):

Using public transportations
Bike, walking
Donations to environmental organizations

Economy - Facts
strongest national economy inside EU (2.6 Billion GNP)
world export champion (export vs. import: 92 : 75 Mrd. €)
strongest companies are not multinational companies
"German Mittelstand" 99 % of all companies in Germany are responsible for 55 % of the economic performance
corporate greed
child labor (indirect)
Pros & Cons
free markets
consumer choice
cheap products
highly efficient
fair trade
great mobility
good transport facilities
work at home
Digital Revolution of the Internet
Mobile communication
We as a group think that for Germany the pros are greater than the cons, because of our strong economical situation and political standing in the world!

But we also think, that we as a nation have to put a stronger focus on environmental and social aspects across the world, especially on supporting undeveloped countries!
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