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Eng 61-90, 30 Credits

No description

zlatan filipovic

on 20 August 2014

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Transcript of Eng 61-90, 30 Credits

Linguistics 3, 5 Credits
Eng 61-90, 30 Credits


The course consists of the following modules:

English Literature and Literary Theory, 5 Credits
Linguistics 3, 5 Credits
Research Methods and Academic Writing, 5 Credits
Independent Research Project, 15 Credits
English Lit and Lit Theory, 5 Credits
Study of modern literature and literary theory that informs our reading and understanding of texts.

Literary theory is an integral part of the module and will constitute a necessary basis for the RP

Examined by a written assignment/essay at the end of the module.

Research Methods and Academic Writing, 5 Credits
Academic composition and study of proven scholarly methods and current style manuals for academic writing

Basis for all essay submissions and, in particular, your Research Project (RP)

Examined by a written report that takes its departure point in your intended RP and by written assignments.

Library database search
Oct 7, 10-12, C3028
Didactic Project
Separate Didactic Project that targets the teaching of English language or literature is to be carried out and reported back during the course of study.

An individual project reported
both orally
as a presentation and as a
written report
on due date

The Didactic Project should consider curriculum, theory and practice, as these three aspects are interdependent and matter to some extent in all teaching.
Research Project, 15 Credits
The RP is an independently driven research enterprise and a crowning achievement of your academic efforts so far.

It consists partly of active
and partly of
independent research
where Linguistic, Literary or Language Didactic work is presented in the form of an individually written piece of app. 6-8,000 words.

The intended topic is selected during the RM & AW module and approved by the assigned supervisor.

The essay is defended after completion at a Viva with the discussant appointed by the examiner.
Study of Pragmatics and Sociolinguistics

Examined by a sit-down exam and a written assignment

Lecturer: Annika Denke
Lecturer: Zlatan Filipovic
To receive Pass with Distinction on the whole course, High Pass is required on at least two modules corresponding to 5 credits
on the RP equivalent to 15 credits.
Course Convenor
Dr Zlatan Filipovic
HLK, Eng Lit

Lecturers: Anette Svensson & Jenny Malmqvist
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