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Agassi Student

on 26 October 2016

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Transcript of Tanner,C3,Howard

My College Peoject
School Nickname
Nicknames: HU or Bison
School Mascot
HU school mascot is the Bison Mascot or sometimes,Lady Bison
Type Of School
HU is a Private, Charted School, it is a 4 year school University.
Howard University
2400 Sixth St NW, Washington, D.C.District Of Columbia 20059
Minor Classes / Major Classes
Well my Minor Classes i want to take is Medical,Math,Business,
Well my Major Classes i want to attend is Law,Music,President how to be a good president.
Howard University
Retention Rate
With 82.0% of students making it pass the year, Howard University has Freshman RetentioN Rates above the National average of 70.9%
Howard University Graduation Rates are 82.0% and Retention Rate is 70.9%
Law School

You only has to pay $53 dollars for howard meals.
Student Pouplation

26,987 undergraduates (25,946 full-time and 1,041 part-time).
1,874 graduate students pursuing a Master's degree (1,874 full-time and 748 part-time).

At,Howard you have to live in the dorms or you can live off campus but,it has to be around Howard. you have to pay $135 dollars or less.

At, Howard they have Cheerleaders,Baseball,Football,Lacrosse,Basketball
Academic Clubs
ArtClub,Governor Association Club, Recyling Club, Dance Club, STEM Club. Singing Club
The Founder of Howard was ...
Low- Income Demographics
$23,970 (usd)
Founded March,18,1867
Howard University is the 2nd best Historically Black College.
Athletic ScholarshipsRequirements
It HAS TO HAVE A GPA! Of 3.7 to enter Howard or join a club or sport.
The teacher ratio is 22:1. 37percent of it's classes have fewer than 20 students.
Teacher Ratio

Ranking: #135 National University (2016)

The Acceptance Rate At Howard is very low cause kids couldnt't mantain A GPA of 3.7.
Cool Facts About Howard
Since it was Founded in 1867 Howard was awarded 120,000 awards since
Thanks For, Watching and Listening watch this short clip on Howard (again)
Thanks you. Does anyone has any question.
3 questions I'll answer
Ok this really the end watch this last clip this time.
This is the Singing Club well they are at Howard Law School Singing It Of Memorey of
Meomrey of Alice Greshman Bullock
This is Oliva in the singing Club singing at Howard Law School.
Alice Greshman Bullock is this Girl.
Any one has questions anyone please ask questions i will love to answer them.
Here is Michelle Obama at Howard when she was 24
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