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Travel Agency

Planning For a travel agency business


on 20 November 2012

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Transcript of Travel Agency

You Can visit our website : yourtripinonestep.com
Follow us on
Follow us on
Visit our office in King Fahad Road building No.11
Download our office app Your Trip In One Step What is a Travel Agent How We will Make Money A travel agent is a professional who specializes in making travel arrangements .
Travel agents often have access to cheap fares, hotel deals, and other travel perks. It's called " Your Trip In One Step " About Our Travel Agent office:
Travel is not about airplanes, car rentals, hotels etc. Travel is experiencing new destinations, visiting family, meeting new people. The memories you bring back with you is what travel is all about. This is our vision about travel, and this is what we want our customers to experience. Our Vision : Save Money
Enjoy Our Services
Less stress
More choices
Travel agents can handle every aspect of your trip
Save Time
What TO : eat , wear!
And Much MORE! Reasons to Use “ your Trip In one Step ‘ Travel Agency! Contract with Hotels. Our Objectives Are : 1.To be the best travel agency in the area.
2. Attract all types of customer.
3.Restore our capital in 3 years. We are seeking for excellence in service and will provide quality service at a cost that will enable us to remain competitive. Our Mission: Insurance. Flights and Tours Honeymoon Package We chose to plan a travel agency business WHY !! How Can You Reach Us! Because We see the difference when we travel with a travel agent and when we do every single detail from A-Z! Your Life has Just started! Stop thinking about the honeymoon!
Give us the chance to make your dream come true! Location : Budget: 600 000 Staff : Manager.
Public relations offer.
2 employees to work directly with customers.
2 employees to work on final reservation.
Consultative to visa and tickets.
Waiting room (I-pad, display screen)
Wall paper (tourist attractions) King fahad road Building No.11 The office : OUR SERVICES : Special offers.
Suggestion for great places to go in this time of a year.
Best ways to transport around places.
Bookings for: hotels, shows, trains, cinema,...
Special treatment to newlyweds.
Smother procedures in airports, visa and passports.
Health insurance.
Pick-up car in the airport. Set a contract with three airlines : Contracts: to have a special discount and treatment in exchange of exclusively dealing with them. Egypt Air Saudi Airlines Qatar airways 75000 from each contributor. strategies to accomplish our goals : Great marketing to our agency.
Providing magnificent service.
Having contracts with companies.
The honeymoon package.
Travel Insurance. Done by : Alanoud
Lulu Thank You For Listening
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