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62. My First JOB

No description

Direct English

on 7 December 2018

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Transcript of 62. My First JOB

1. Your trainer will divide the class in 2 groups.

2. One student will go to the front and the trainer will whisper him/her the name of a famous person.

3.The rest of the students will ask questions to the student at the front and he/she will answer ¨yes¨ or ¨not¨.

4. Each group will be able to ask questions by turns and the group who guesses the famous person, will receive a point.
Translation activity
Translate the next sentences using the grammar tense you have reviewed
Let's Practice
My First Job
My First Job
-What is the best meal you have ever had on vacation?

-Why are you here today?

- What is your favorite holiday? What do you enjoy about it?
Let's get started
After this lesson all students will be able to:
- Keep conversations about this topic
Learn new vocabulary related to the topic.

English is very easy
Choose a talk partner and ask the next questions then some students go to the front and give the answer for each question.
Pay attention to your coach and practice with the next grammar tense.
Work with one of your peers and put in practice simple future WILL or GOING TO. Switch every 3 minutes. Provide details!
Guessing who is the famous person
1.El me dice que me ama.
2.Ella vende su carro.
3.Mi hermano no habla español.
4. ¿Te gusta mi carro?
5. Hago la tarea todos los dias.
What is a Job?

Have you ever had a Job?

Tell me about you last job.
Video Time
1. What is the worst job you watched in the video?
2. Which job from the video would you choose if you didn't have another option?
Let´s Talk
Ask your partner the next question:
Describe Your Dreamed Job
Example: Well my dreamed job would be as a coach because you can help people reach their goals and because......
Interview Questions Practice Time
Pair up and pretend you are having a real job interview so ask the questions below and give your best answers.
1 .Do you have Job Experience?

2 . Why would you like to work here?

3 .What do you know about this company?

4. Why should we hire you?
Be Confident
Speak With Energy
Open your Mouth
1. How will you use English in the future?
2. What will happen if we keep polluting the environment?
3. How do you think you will change in the future?
4. After your children grow up what will you do?
5. When will humans live on another planet?
One question at the time, 2 students participate individually after each practice , keep it interesting and fun!!
Subject+WILL+Verb (base form)+Complement
Subj+Be+Going to+ Verb (base form)+ Complement
After You have practiced 2 volunteers will come to the front to answer one question each
Partner up and Let's Start with great energy, 35 secs, 8 activities or more and add reasons why to Sound Natural
Drifting Racer
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