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Luis A. Ferre

No description

Jose Benitez

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of Luis A. Ferre

"La educación debe ser una que despierte en nuestra juventud el espíritu
creador que da plenitud a la vida. Una educación que forme ciudadanos
sólidamente instruidos, responsables y sensitivos. En fin, una educación que
prepare hombres bien versados en las disciplinas de la ciencia, e igualmente
preparados para sentir y responder a los valores del espíritu que hacen al
hombre justo y sereno"

What were his 4 main goals?
First Steps
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Luis A. Ferré
Construction of Roads
- Luis A. Ferré was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, in 1904.

- Ferré attended university at MIT where he obtained his masters degree in engineering.

-In Puerto Rico he left the Statehood Republican Party and formed the New Progressive Party and was finally elected governor in 1968.

-Ferré contributed a lot to the island's growth; he increased workers wages and benefits, and began development projects such as construction of roads.
Luis A. Ferre
Early life
His four main goals were:

1.social justice
2.economic development 3.education
4. the arts.
He was able to achieve and accomplish his goals during his terms.
- Third governor elected by the people
- Created el bono de Navidad: June 12, 1969 the Ley 34 was created
- 1970: He lowered the voting age from 21 to 18

- Construction of the autopista from San juan to Ponce
- December 1972: Under Ferré, 75% of the 50 miles of the expresso were constructed.
- Under his government a program to build or rebuild roads was established. A total of 2,305 Km public roads were renewed or constructed.

Autopista de Ponce
Food Measures
- Promoted the first steps to give Puerto Rico the program of food coupons. In 1971 the resident commissioner, Jorge Cordova Diaz achieved to include PR in Los Sellos de Alimento
- Increased the wages of public employees and El Jornal Agrícola and ruduced work hours.

-Created Compañía Industrial de Fomento de Turismo and Comisión Contra el Crimen.
- created the first unit of drugs in the police.
- Approved the law for mandatory car examination and created Comisión para la Seguridad de Tránsito

- He expelled the marine from Culebra. Ferré agreed with the secretary of defense that the practices with bullets and explosives would seize by January 1972.
Centro de Bellas Artes
Began the contruction of the Centro de Bellas Artes de Santurce.
Other Achievements:
Made the "Departamento de Recursos Naturales y a la Junta de Calidad Ambiental" responsible for conserving the enviorment
Created the Junta Estatal de Salud and the begining of sistema del libre selección de médicos.
- He established the bipartidista system in PR.

- Created a program of subsidies to the comercial bank for the concession of student loans - Florida and Loiza municipalities created
- supported capitalism

Random Facts
Consejo Asesor del Gobernador para el Desarrollo de Programas Gubernamentales
Created the "Consejo Asesor del Gobernador para el Desarrollo de Programas Gubernamentales" with focus on problems on:
-policies to follow on economics
-middle environment

The twelve points include:

- In economics - contributive structure, industrial development, agricultural development in PR;
In public administration - government wages, decision making system, decentralization;
- In social - skills , population, living environment;
In environment - transportation, contamination, resource allocation.

- Had to deal with private and government union strikes
- The first two years of term he accomplished all his plans anD projects. Later he no longer had any more large plans and was criticized for this.

- He died in 2003 in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
- He was 99 years old.
- Died of pneumonia.
Rafael Hernandez Colon
Don Luis Alberto Ferré was born on February 17, 1904.He was second of six children.
Studies mechanical engineering in Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and studied piano in Conservatorio de Música de Nueva Inglaterra, in Boston (1909). He occasionally played in the Teatro Broadway de Ponce.
Received his masters degree form MIT. Returns to Ponce at age 21 to work in his fathers foundation which produced machines for the sugar industry.
Created “Sociedad Cooperativa de Empleados de la Porto Rico Iron Works.”
Marries Lorencita Ramírez de Arellano. (Dies in 1970)
Candidate for mayor of Ponce.
Ponce Cement finally begins to work
Obtains the newspaper "El Día"
With James E. McManus he founds the Universidad Católica de Puerto Rico.
Candidate for resident commissioner for Partido Estadista.
Organizes the Fundación Ferré. Its purpose was to help in the education of the most needy people.
Legislator in Partido Estadista Puertorriqueño.
Looses elections
Begins to work on the Museo de Arte de Ponce
- Looses elections again
- Opens the Museo de Arte de Ponce
For a third time he runs for governor.
1967 –
PNP was founded
Elected governor
End of his term
Ferré is elected senator.
Marries Tiody de Jesus.
Is given the Medal of liberty by Bush.
Participates in electoral campaigns of 1993-96.
Passes away on October 2003.
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