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New to SERT - Session #2

No description

Tina mandal

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of New to SERT - Session #2

NEW to SERT - Session #2
In-School Team Meeting and Student Profile
1. Student Profile - location of the form, how to use it, involvement of the teacher

2. Frequency of In-School team meetings (establish set time)

3. Link between the student profile and in-school team meetings

4. Discussion - how are in-school teams going? what are some of the barriers?
Assessment Types
1. Observation

2. Classroom assessment - PM Benchmarks, PM Writing, CASI, Leaps and bounds, LLI etc.

3. Informal assessment (anecdotal vs. formal assessment

4. Type of formal assessment (review handout)
1. Legalities - 10 days written notice prior to an IPRC & Parent's Guide
2. IPRC Package - teacher preparation, list of strengths/needs
3. Recommended Placements
4. Exceptionality - Multiple Exceptionalities

6. IPRC Script
1. START Team - purpose, sharing of pamphlet

2. ART TEAM - purpose, sharing of pamphlet

3. Link between ART/START

By: Kristy Phillips
(Special Education Facilitator (Gifted)
Please do not send any gifted testing nomination forms home.

Do not provide parent information night dates to families.

More information to follow once updated information is available
1. Student Profile & In-School Team Meetings

2. Assessment Types - Informal and Formal

3. IPRC's & IEP's

4. START and ART

5. Using OneNote as an Organizational Tool

6. Gifted Testing Procedures
Contact Information
1. Lisa Marie St.John - Autism Resource Team

2. Ruth Gartlan - Special Education Facilitator

3. Kristy Phillips - Gifted Facilitator

4. Tina Mandal - Assistive Technology Facilitator

5. Lisa Wray - Special Education Facilitator

5. Review of Placement Summary Sheet
Tiered Approach to Prevention/Intervention
Share a Success
Share a Challenge
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