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(English) TheTrueTalentTeam Standard Prezi

No description

Wouter van Nieuwburg

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of (English) TheTrueTalentTeam Standard Prezi

The True Talent Team
Your True Talents, that is our focus. Whether you are 15 or 50, man or woman, entrepreneur, student or employer: discovering yourself and developing your skill-set is relevant to everyone's future. Education or career choices, hiring personnel, forming teams; it all becomes easier when you are aware of your true talents and the talents of those around you.

Becoming aware of these talents is where we come in, with our tools and coaching we can show you your talents and those of your teams.

Who are we? We are TheTrueTalentTeam

Me. is a measuring tool based on the work of Carl Jung (among others), with which we gain insight in someone's talents.
Unique to our tool is the use of archetypical images which reveal unconscious choices and behaviour.
Me. answers the question: How come someone acts the way they do? The unconscious choices of archetypical images are linked to the consciously chosen competences.
The tool is easy to use, does not take a lot of time and can be done online!

The True Talent Team

When developed competences are not related to your chosen archetypes you will apply these competences with great effort, and strain the development of your true talents. Working for prolonged periods in these competences can even lead to burnouts. We compare these competences with swimming upstream.
When developed competences are related to your chosen archetypes you will apply these competences from your natural quality. They empower you and therefore we compare working with these competences with swimming downstream.
But what are these true talents really? These talents are the competences that are related to your chosen archetypes but are not developed yet.
Developing these competences will provide you with more energy, making swimming through the stream a lot easier!
Individual Reports

Per candidate we can offer the following reports:

The Talent report
shows the psychological DNA profile of a candidate combined with his or her chosen competences from her talent
, developed competences from adapted behaviour


and lastly the undeveloped potential
The Archetype report
shows a summary of the archetypical profile of the candidate.
The Personal profile
is an extended written report which delves deeper into the psychological profile of the candidate.
The Leadership profile
is an optional addition to the personal profile which shows leadership styles fitting the candidate.
The Balance profile
shows your personal balance, whether you are focussed on yourself or your environment. The balance here would of course be an average between the two.

Me. is not just useful for individuals, but for teams as well. Multiple Me. reports can be used to construct a team profile, just like the one shown above.

This way we offer insight in how your team performs, and even more important: how to improve this performance.

These reports for teams we call...
Available in Dutch and English!
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