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Photo essay on MARIO

mario games though time

melissa hric

on 28 March 2011

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Transcript of Photo essay on MARIO

Mario's Games Some of mario's
best games from 1981 to 2010 1981 Donkey Kong
and Donkey Kong
Jr came out in
Arcade and this aslo
the game which started
mario as the bad guy. 1983 The 1st Mario
Bros came out
on Arcade and
it was Mario's 1st big hit. 1985 Super Mario Bros
came out on NES
and he keeps selling more and more. Super Mario Bros 2
comes out and everyone can't wait for more games like it to come out. 1988 1990 Super Mario Bros
came out on NES and so did DR.Mario. 1992 Mario's frist raceing
game out on SNES
(or Super Nentendo)
and it was called Super
Mario Kart. 1996 A fun filled game called
Super Mario 64 on the
Nentendo 64 (the 1st
Nentendo 64 game). 1997 Mario kart 64 came out
the year we were born on the
Nentendo 64. 1998 Mario's 1st Party
game(Mario Party)
has a buch of little
games inside whole game.
Also it is for Nentendo 64. 1999 Mario Party 2
comes out on
the Nintendo 64
with some new
mini games on it. 2000 Mario Party 3 and Paper
Mario came out on the 64. 2001 Super smash
Bros .Melee
came out on
GameCube. 2002 Mario Party 4
finaly came out
on the GameCube. 2003 Mario party 5
and Mario Kart
Double Dash
both came out on
GameCube. 2004 Super Mario came
on portable game
which is the DS. 2005 Mario Party
6 and 7
both came out
on the Gamecube 2006 Mario party 8
and the new
Mario Glaxy where
you go though the
Glaxys.Also both
games are for the Wii.
2008 and 2009 Mario Kart and then
the NEW Super Mario
Bros came out on Wii 2010 It hasn't came out
yet but on
may 23 the new
Super Mario Glaxy 2
will be out on WII!
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