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Isabella Lacerda

Personal experience

Isabella Lacerda

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Isabella Lacerda

Isabella Lacerda My Life Journey THE BEGINNING OF LIFE Friendship Religion PRESENT LIFE "Govinda, his friend, the Brahmin's son, loved him
more than anybody else." (Hesse, 2) I picked this picture of me and my friends.
Some of these people have been my friends for a long time.
Some ever since I was very young, ever since first grade.
This picture connects with the quote from Siddhartha because
I do love my friends more than anyone else, after family.They
were a really important part of my past life, and they helped me be who I am today. Friends are influences and sometimes you can turn out being exactly like your friend. Almost as if you completed each other, and in the end it is hard to go separate ways. Discovery "He bowed low, right down to the ground, in front of the man sitting there motionless, whose smile reminded him of everything that he had ever loved in his life, of everything that he had ever been of value and holy in his life." (Hesse, 122) I chose this picture because it represents completion. It takes a certain amount of people and determination in order to make the heart's shape visible. This connect with discovery because it takes time, patience and a path in order to find yourself. And my past life experiences have been taking me there slowly. For example, I changed grades in sixth grade, and I think this was essential in finding who I am, or who I will be. Because I was introduced to the people that I connected with the most and knew could be eternal. Personal experiences have also got me thinking about who I want to be professionally, which is all a path to self discovery. Family "There was happiness in his father's heart because of his son who was intelligent and thirsty for knowledge; he saw him growing up to be a great learned man, a priest, a prince among Brahmins. There was pride in his mother's breast when she saw him walking, sitting down and rising." (Hesse, 2) I chose this picture and this passage because it represents the importance of my family in my life. I tried my best until today to make them proud of me as a person and I want to honor them in my life. Just like Siddhartha or anyone else, I might chose to take a different path than the one my parents planned out for me; except, I know that no matter what I chose for myself, I will continue to value my family and their teachings. They are the representation of affection and care. Like they say, the father is the daughter's first husband. Because the parent's are the future people you want to meet and the ones you'll always have by your side, no matter what ever happens. I chose this image and passage because nowadays religion is extremely present in my life. Just like Siddhartha, I am very engaged in religion. Except, like any young person, I've already asked myself why was I in this religion. I attend the church every Sunday, and my Grandmother is a first communion teacher. Of course, family is a great influence, but I have chosen to continue following the Catholic Church on my own. This picture represents the moment I chose to be Catholic. And currently, I'm doing the confirmation of my religion, the second communion. I believe its something very useful, and its always good to know that you're not alone. "He lived a good life, his words were wise; fine and noble thoughts dwelt in his head -- but even he who knew so much, did he live in bliss, was he at peace?" (Hesse, 5) Graduation FUTURE "Om is the bow, the arrow is the soul,
Brahman is the arrow's goal
At which one aims unflinchingly." (Hesse, 5) Graduation is the day that all of us wait impatiently for. The day we earn independence, knowledge, and we learn who we will be. Like in Siddhartha, someone learns something in order to reach something. Which, for us, is Graduation. Us students, strive for that specific day. In the book, its enlightenment.
I'm looking forward to graduation, excited for a new phase of my life. It is the confirmation of adultery. A passage that will take me to success, a family of my own and finally, enlightenment in my own way. Where I will live in peace with whom I have become and what my life has turned out to be. Of course, I am sad for parting ways with my friends on the way, but I know that it will all be worth it, and I know who is worth keeping in my life forever. LIFE IS A MAZE You might think you're not getting anywhere... ... but everything you do is for a reason. THE END.
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