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Charley horse-Amanda and elise

No description

Elise Ritchie

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Charley horse-Amanda and elise

Charley Horse What is a Charley Horse? A charley horse is a muscle spasm, that can feel like a knot and it is often severe pain. What causes a Charley horse? You can get a charley horse by
overusing and injury, also if you are
dehydrated or you are lacking minerals.
How can you treat a Charley Horse? -Stretching/Massaging
-Heat/ Ice Pack
-Anti-Inflammatory Medicine
-Anti-Spasm Medication
-Surgery (If it is very severe) How to Prevent getting a Charley Horse: -Stretch to improve flexibility
-Drink lots of fluids
-Change your workouts so that you are working within your ability. No Pain, No Gain We do not agree with this statement because by exercising until you are in pain can hurt you severly. It could lead to very big problems. We think that you can exercise just as well by not feeling pain
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