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Fever 1793

No description

Anton DeShazor

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Fever 1793

Fever 1793 By Laurie Halse Anderson
The Exposition of the story is Matilda Cook is A teenage girl living above a Coffeehouse in Philadelphia in 1793
The conflict of this story was that Mattie wittiness death throughout the town and her family from the Fever, Mattie wanted to stay with her mother and help, but her mother told her grandfather to take Mattie out of Philadelphia so that she will not catch the Fever, but Mattie refuse to leave her mother and was force to leave her home anyway .
Rising Action
The rising action of the story is when Matilda had found Eliza, Nell and Joseph.
The Climax of the story is when the Grandfather dies. At that point she had decided what she was going to do. Her life from before is gone, she wanders the streets of Philadelphia. When she finds Nell, she finds a purpose in life. She joins Eliza in her fight, and Eliza allows her to become an adult. Mattie rebuilds the coffeehouse, takes care of Nell, and her mother when she returns. Her grandfather's death was the point where Mattie had to grow up and take responsibility for herself and others.
falling action
The Falling action of the story was when the first frost kills the mosquitoes that carry the fever. After the fever epidemic passes, life returns to the city. people come back to the city of Philadelphia again. Mattie re-opens the coffee house with Eliza's help, and business is good once again.
the connections
The book Fever 1793, was connected to world history in three ways, one way was called, free African society, another was The yellow Fever epidemic, and the third was Orphanages.
Point of View
The book is told in first person point of view. We fell that if it was told from third person point of view, The narrator is speaking of someone else's experiences what other people were doing. We connected, the grandfather died, that reminds me of when my grandfather died. There house have gotten broken into, this also reminds me of when my house gotten broken in to two time.
The return of Mattie's mother, who is now in a debilitated condition and not what she once was. Mattie herself, has grown up into a young woman, no longer a girl. She is now responsible for running the business and taking care of her ailing mother.
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