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Low-SES Affects Behavior and Academic Perfromance in Childre

No description

jackie quinn

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of Low-SES Affects Behavior and Academic Perfromance in Childre

Low-SES Affects Behavior and Academic Perfromance in Children
Emotional and Social Challenges
Acute Chronic Stress
Health and Safety
Provide basic social skills therapy grps
Assign Projects where children can learn cooperation
Goal setting grps that promote self-efficacy
Action Plan
Action Plan
Facilitate problem solving resolution groups
Coping skills exercises
Introduce Physical ways to relieve stress
Action Plan
Provide healthy snacks
Nutritional Education
Physician on Campus for routine checkups
Parent Resources
Action Plan
English Classes/ writing
Adult Grp. therapy
Counseling sessions
Outreach Program for Children of Low-SES
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