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Domestic Violence

No description

Sarah B

on 5 March 2015

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Transcript of Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence
By: Sarah Bryenton
Domestic Violence & Structural Functionalism
- A structural functionalist would argue that deviance is necessary for any society

- Contributes to social order

- Societies remain operable by agreeing on ways that it's institutions function

- When a basic requirement can't be fulfilled within a family, domestic violence occurs
Domestic Violence & Symbolic Interactionism
- Symbolic Interactionists would consider domestic violence as an interpersonal, emotional activity involving negative symbolic interactionism
- Would focus on how individuals interpret domestic violence and how their actions are based on their understanding of the meaning

- Example: Someone may abuse a child to make themselves feel superior b/c they perceive domestic violence as a symbol of superiority
Domestic Violence & Conflict Theory
- Would argue that marriage or relationship is a social situation where conflicts instantly become understandable

- The different haves and have-nots in a marriage or relationship can lead to conflict, one partner being seen as inferior

- Domestic Violence can occur due to the need of one partner to feel in control, to prove their authority to their partner to gain respect and power
Max Weber
Emile Durkheim
Domestic Violence & Feminism
- A feminist would argue that domestic violence promotes inequality and power between genders in opposite-sex relationships (extension of the Conflict Theory)

- Feminism focuses on the social construction of males being dominant over females in relationships and how women have historically been disadvantaged due to this socially constructed idea

- Would want to acknowledge the fact that women in some cases can be the abusers as well, wanting to emphasize equality between genders
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