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Student Financial Aid

No description

Willis Jones

on 11 October 2017

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Transcript of Student Financial Aid

Student Financial Aid
October 11, 2017
Economics of Higher Education

Class Agenda
Dynarski & Scott-Clayton (2013)
Cornwell, Mustard, & Sridhar (2006)
Archibald & Feldman (2011)
• American Opportunity tax credit
• Deductible interests of student loans
• Coverdell Educational Savings Account
• State 529 college savings
What is your reaction to Dynarski's proposal?
Summary of Findings
1: Enrollment in GA colleges was higher after HOPE relative to SREB and Boarder State (control states)

2: Enrollment in GA publics & privates was higher after HOPE relative to control states…2 year school did not see a significant change in enrollment.

3: HOPE appears to reduce the number of students who left GA for college relative to control states.
4: HOPE significantly increased HBCU enrollment in GA relative to control states.

5: Impact of HOPE appears to be much greater for blacks than whites….particularly due to enrollment in HBCUs and 2-year colleges.
Summary of Findings
Debating HOPE
- Look up info on current status of HOPE and other merit-aid state programs (with your group). What are the current debates around merit aid?

- Given the benefits and drawbacks of HOPE-like programs, would you support the creation of a HOPE-type program in Kentucky (Something more substantial than the KEES)? Why or why not? What would your merit aid program look like? At the state level, what do you think is the best way to increase access to higher education?

What are the primary strengths and weaknesses you see with the Archibald & Feldman proposal?

What unanswered questions would you have about the proposal?

If you were a US Senator, would you vote to approve a policy change like this? Why or why not?
Next Week
-Student Debt
-Details on upcoming exam (November 1)
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