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Blood Red Horse

No description

Kelly Hodder

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Blood Red Horse

Plot Summary
Genre, Symbolism and Theme
My Thoughts

Blood Red Horse
feautures a wide variety of characters, from monks to servants, Crusaders to their enemies, and people to horses. However, the story revolves around a few main characters or groups of characters.
The Horses
Blood Red Horse
is set in medieval England, between 1185 and 1192. The main places that the story takes place at are the De Granville's manor Hartslove, the Holy Land, camps and paths on the way to the Holy Land (Jerusalem) , and other cities that the Crusaders or enemies visit. Examples of other cities are Jaffa and Lydda.
Blood Red Horse
By: K. M. Grant

Report By: Kelly Hodder

The De Granvilles
William De Granville: The main character of the book. He loves riding his horse, Hosanna. He is loyal, and has a kind soul. He is also fierce and can have a temper.
Gavin De Granville: William's older brother. He is a bully at the beginning of the book, but softens up as the story progresses.
Ellie/Eleanor: The main girl in Blood Red Horse. She was taken in by the De Granvilles after her parents died. She is sweet, fun, and well sought after, and she is betrothed to Gavin.
Sir Thomas: William and Gavin's dad. He loves his family and is a trusted knight and noble of King Richard.
Other Important Characters
Hosanna: The main horse in the story. He is a smaller Great Horse that belongs to William, and William takes him on a Crusade.
Sacramenta: William's first horse, and Hosanna's mother.
Montlouis: Gavin's Great Horse, who Gavin takes on a Crusade.
Dargent: A bulky Great Horse that was William's first pick before he met Hosanna.
Kamil: A young Muslim who is being mentored by Saladin, the Muslim leader. He seeks revenge for his parents' death, but is fascinated by Hosanna.
Constable De Scabious: An unstrustworthy man who tries to make a move on Ellie, which is creepy.
King Richard: The King of England who is leading the crusade.
Brother Ranulf: A monk at the abbey who develops a strong relationship with Hosanna.
Old Nurse: The nurse who tends to the De Granville children. She is quite forgetful.
The Muslims have taken over Engalnd and the Holy Land, The De Granvilles are called for a Crusade, and William needs a new horse. He chooses a small horse named Hosanna, who has a coat that is blood red (hence the title of the book). Gavin, who is William's spiteful older brother, wears out Hosanna, and she falls deathly ill. Later, William, Gavin, and their father Sir Thomas finally leave for battle and a long, dangerous, and tiresome journey to the Holy Land, leaving their friend and Gavin's future wife Ellie at the Hartslove manor. A miracle happens and Hosanna gets better, so William takes him as his horse. Sir Thomas dies while on the Crusade. Meanwhile, a young Muslim named Kamil wants to avenge his parent's death. He massacres many Christians. However, he has seen Hosanna, becomes facsinated with him, and takes the horse from William; who eventually gets Hosanna back. Kamil finally gets his revenge when he kills his parents' murderer's son, and he learns his lesson about how bad spite and hatred are. In the end, William and Gavin hear that Ellie is in deep trouble, and they race back to Hartslove to save her at the last minute.
I tend to dislike almost every historical fiction book I read, but Blood Red Horse was surprisingly good. Although it sounds like it would be geared towards boys, I think that girls would find this book interesting as well. It gives you a good insight into what life was like on Crusades and during the Middle Ages, and it tells you the information in a fun and creative way. The plot was very easy to follow. However, the story seemed to either go too slowly or jump years at a time, which frusterated me. Also, while the characters were very well developed, there were too many to keep track of. Overall, though, I would rate this book about 3.5/5 stars.
Genre: Historical Fiction
Symbolism: Hosanna seems to symbolize hope, because everyone who meets him is given hope by him. I also think that the fact that his coat is "blood red" symbolizes all of the bloodshed and war in the story.
Theme: War and family both seem to be prominent themes throught the story. However,
in regard to the actual message the book is trying to send, I would say that the theme is "With every action comes either good or bad consequences."
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