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Laughter Seven Honors: A Funny Twist on the Love Poem

A parody of Sonnet 18 using the couple Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

A. A.

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Laughter Seven Honors: A Funny Twist on the Love Poem

Should I compare you to my dog Pluto?
You are much very kind to Chip and Dale
Pluto would like to snap back at them though
And no matter what he tried, he would fail

He can't understand the words that I say
He will bark at anything that will move
Always in trouble, making a display
Of something I would like not to approve

But I know you would never bark at me
And you would never fill me with out
You and I are most likely meant to be
For I know we both will not scream and shout.

As long as we are calm and collected,
Our love, love, will sure to be protected. Reflection I chose Mickey and Minnie Mouse because they are well known. This was a parody of Sonnet 18 and was poking fun at Mickey's dog, Pluto. Pluto is usually letting his curiosity getting the best of him, sometimes causing trouble for Mickey. Mickey, however, cannot stay mad at him for long. This poem is saying that Mickey will not have to have any problems with Minnie, because he will never have to worry about their relationship. He thinks that she is perfect for him. This poem was fun to create; however, I did have some trouble finding words that rhymed. It also took some time to shorten the lines so that they had only 10 syllables.
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