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Maika Boniche Arbona Curriculum Vitae

Teacher´s Resume Curriculum Profesora

Maika Boniche

on 28 December 2012

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Transcript of Maika Boniche Arbona Curriculum Vitae

Maika Boniche Arbona

Barcelona Master´s Degree Professional Experience Education English Teacher Training.
Jan 2012/Jun 2012 Librería Publics (Bookstore) in Denia, Alicante Teaching in Secondary and Upper Secondary School Education, Vocational Training Centres and Languagen Schools
University Ramon Llull Barcelona, 2012 Bachelor´s degree English Philology
University of Barcelona, 2010 Musical Education Middle Degree of Music, Classical Guitar.
Professional Conservatory of Music Tenor Cortis, Denia. 2003 Professional Experience as a Teacher Jesuïtes del Clot ( High School in Barcelona) CEIP Cervantes Guitar Teacher,
Year 2000/2002 Shop Assistant, 1999/2004 Sombrerería Mil
(Hat Shop in Barcelona) Shop Assistant, 2006/2011 Languages Spanish and Catalan English Japanese French Native speaker Proficient User, C2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Independent speaker
School of Modern Languages, Barcelona (EIM) Independent Speaker Seminars, Classes, Skills Community Management Writing Skills Course Power Point Exel Community Managemment Marketing, Media, Web 2.0. UNED. Oct 2012/Feb2013 http://www.cursocommunityfuned.com/ How to do a Power Point presentation
IL3 Long Life Learning Institute from UB. 30 hours. Year 2008.
http://www.il3.ub.edu/es/Home.html How to use Exel. IL3 Long Life Learning Institute from UB. 30 hours. Year 2009
http://www.il3.ub.edu/es/Home.html Writing skills in Catalan. 60h IL3 Long Life Learning Institute from UB. Year 2010 Motivations and Interests Long-Life Learning Languages Education Running Voluntary work NLP Cooking Traveling Teaching Technology Private Lessons https://twitter.com/following http://www.linkedin.com/in/maikaboniche
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