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Talking Jamestown- Mr. Freeman

No description

Floyd Freeman

on 12 August 2018

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Transcript of Talking Jamestown- Mr. Freeman

Jamestown, Virginia
Jamestown was founded in 1607 by 105 male colonist from England.
The colony was named after King James of England (Queen Elizabeth I cousin) he is famous because he had the bible translated in 1611. The King James bible is still used today.
Ok not this King James
The real King James
The King James Bible
Most men who came to Jamestown were
just looking for gold, they did not work planting
crops or anything they just came wanting to be rich
The colonist picked a horrible site for
Jamestown. It was surrounded by
marshes full of mosquitoes which carried
Most men were not
farmers or carpenters

2/3 died the first year
In 1608 a new leader took
over Jamestown John Smith
forced everyone to work
His famous saying is "if you don't work you don't eat"

Disney movie is not true
Not true
Real John Smith and Pochontas
John Smith was about 35
and Pocahontas was about 12-13
they were never lovers.
1609 John Smith was injured and returned to England.
Without strong leader Jamestown suffered famine, winter, and disease took it toll on colonist.
By 1610 only 60 colonist survived out of 400
Would Jamestown
A colonist name John Rolfe introduce a sweeter
tobacco from the west Indies to grow than the
bitter one that the Indians used. Profits increased due to sale of tobacco and new rules on land. More colonist came and Jamestown survived.
Pocahontas married John Rolfe their
marriage brought peace to colonist
and the Powhatan Indians for many years
Pocahontas was a Powhatan Indian, her people helped Jamestown colonist survive by giving them food and by teaching them how to grow corn.
Three years later on a trip to
England, Pocahontas died
from pneumonia or possibly
After the death of Pocahontas and her father the colonist and Powhatan started to fight more due to colonist interest in
taking their land to grow more tobacco

Fighting continued for next 20 years
Beginning of Plantations
The Headright system gave people from
England a chance to get 50 acres of land if they
paid their voyage to Virginia. If they brought
family member or servants they got an additional
50 acres for every person that they brought.
This helped rich people get the first plantations.
Now they needed workers to work the plantations
Indentured Servants were used at first. They were
colonist who signed a contract to work for 4-7 years for voyage to Virginia. After their contract ended they would get their 50 acres

75% of Virginia early colonist came this way

Plantation owner still wanted to find a cheaper
way to make money
The first slaves came to
Virginia in 1619.

Plantation owners found
A cheap way to grow
their tobacco without
having to lose their
workers every 4-7 years.
Rich planters started to get more slaves from
Africa to help grow the tobacco crops. Slaves
had to work for life and were owned by the
plantation owner

Life was hard for the slaves
1. Which colony was founded in 1607 and was successful because of
its fertile land, plentiful game, and abundant timber?

A Virginia
B Massachusetts
C Georgia
D New York
2. From 1607 to 1609, only 60 of more than 900 Jamestown colonists
survived. One reason for the low survival rate was that —

A the colonists were frequently attacked by Spanish explorers
B the swampy location caused disease to spread
C the colonists endured unexpected flooding
D the punishment for all criminal offenses was execution
Please take out a sheet of paper to answer questions based on Jamestown. Make sure you write out your 3 key words and just put the letter for your answer.
3) In 1607____
a) the pilgrims signed the Mayflower Compact
b) Columbus discovered the New World
c) the first permanent English colony was founded at Jamestown
d) the French and Indian War began
4) What crop saved Jamestown from economic destruction?
a) Corn
b) Rice
c) Tobacco
d) Cotton
5) This system gave 50 acres to any man who paid his way to Virginia and 50 more for each servant or relative he brought with him.
a) plantation
b) Indentured Servants
c) Headright
d) Slavery
6) People who worked for 4 to 7 years for passage to the colonies were called
a) Slaves
b) Quakers
c) Puritans
d) Indentured Servants
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Jamestown also established the first representative government in the British colonies with the Virginia House of Burgesses.
8. Our men were destroyed with cruel diseases . . . but for the most part they died of mere famine. . . . Thus we lived for the space of five months in this miserable distress. . . . It pleased God after a while to send __________which were our mortal enemies to relieve us with . . . bread, corn, fish, and flesh in great plenty, which was the setting up of our [weak and starving] men; otherwise we had all perished. Also, we were frequented by [many] kings in the country bringing us [supplies] to our great comfort.
George Percy

Which of the following completes the excerpt?

A Squanto
B Virginia Indians
C John Smith
D Pilgrims
Representative government had been a tradition
with the English since they gained basic right from the King with the Magna Carta.

Make sure you take good notes and answer questions at the end of the prezi.
I hate the dentist
Not this Jay-Z album
The Real Magna Carta
7. In what region of the United States was the first permanent English settlement located?
A Pacific Northwest C Atlantic Coast
B Great Plains D Great Lakes

one acre = 4,840 square yards, or 43,560 square feet

In the photos above, the blue square represents one acre. 

The first representative government group in the
American colonies was called the House of Burgesses. Famous representatives included Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. The House met for the first time in Jamestown, Virginia. It was July 30, 1619.

A burgess was a representative
who speaks for other people.

Colonies based their
governments on
in England.

is a bicameral
legislature. Which
means two house.
Also our Congress
today is based on


In New England colonies they had town meeting to
discuss local issues. This was possible by New
England having small towns. In the Southern colonies
they had county
meeting due to
distance between
homes. Middle
Colonies had both
town and county

Town Meetings

The Pilgrims soon learn that the storm had blown
them north and they were not in Virginia. They
had to establish basic rules and social rules to govern
their colony. 41 men signed the Mayflower Compact.
It was a legal
contract that allow
fair law for the
colony. It was one
of the first form of
self government in

Mayflower Compact

• Hooker set up the colony
of Connecticut.

He set up the Fundamental Order
of Connecticut so
men could vote regardless
if they went to church or not

Statue of Thomas Hooker, Hartford, Connecticut

• In 1636, Thomas Hooker left
Massachusetts because
he thought that the governor
had too much power.

Thomas Hooker
Generally we are good and it
our environment that influences us

The use of science and reason could answer life’s mysteries

Science and reason could also answer man’s questions concerning government and himself

Enlightenment Arguments

Encouraged ideas of equality and
right to challenge authority

Outcomes of the Great Awakening

Birth of deep religious convictions in the colonies
New churches built to accommodate new members
Colleges founded found to train new ministers

Outcomes of the Great Awakening

Puritan Minster who used raw emotional sermons to reach all classes of colonists
Preached that “good works” and “godly lives” would bring you salvation
Forced to give sermons in open areas (revivals)

George Whitefield

Reasons for The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening 1730-1740 gave colonists a shared national religious experience

People are born with natural rights
Government has an obligation to protect those natural rights
Kings have no right to govern people, people empower government

Outcomes of the Enlightenment

Great surge of literacy in the colonies
People start thinking that they should have a say in government and if government is not good that it should be replaced.
Outcomes of the Enlightenment

A movement in the 1700’s that rejected traditional
ways of life and looked for a more rational and
scientific way to explain the world we live in

It was an emphasis on the
sciences and reason to
explain things

The Enlightenment

John Locke
Colonial Government and The Great Awakening
People felt that religion was dry, dull and distant
Preachers felt that people needed to be concerned with
inner emotions as opposed to
outward religious behavior

People in New England can
read and interrupt the Bible
on their own

Answer Key
1. A 2.B
3. C 4. C
5. C 6.D
7. C 8.B
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