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Quiz #1

No description

Master Of Coin

on 13 March 2014

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Transcript of Quiz #1

ESN Pub Quiz #1
2. How many grey direwolves are found by the Starks in the book Game of Thrones?
a. 3.
b. 5.
c. 6.

3. In the TV-Series The Walking Dead, what is the signature weapon of the main character Rick?
a. A hatchet.
b. A semi-automatic rifle.
c. A magnum revolver.
1. In a popular song from the artist
Daft Punk’s
latest album: three reasons are given to stay up all night. Which ones?
a. Get some, drunk fun, get lucky.
b. Get drunk, good fun, very lucky.
c. Get some, good fun, get lucky.

4. In the French Movie “Amélie”, or in French “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain”; what is the name of the Café where Amélie works as a waitress?
a. Café des deux Moulins.
b. Café René.
c. Café du Coq.

5. What is the main protagonist name in the PC-game Half-Life?
a. Gordon Freeman.
b. Whoopi Goldberg.
c. John McCain.

6. Famous from games such as Super Smash Bros, what is the signature move of Captain Falcon?
a. Falcon Hump.
b. Falcon Kick.
c. Falcon Punch.

7. Who, in the 13th Century, set a quality standard for pasta in Italy?
a. The King of Italy.
b. The Pope.
c. The Doge of Venice.

8. Football Question: One of the newest members of UEFA recently played their first national game (a draw) against Slovakia. Which is the national team?
a. Gibraltar.
b. Slovenia.
c. Lichtenstein.

9. Which of the following is originally a Spanish beverage?
a. Tequila.
b. Calvados.
c. Sherry.

10. In what department does the nemesis of John Dorian from the TV-Series Scrubs work?
a. Administration.
b. Accounting.
c. Facility Management.

11. A member of the Italian parliament did something quite controversial while in office in 1987. What did the person do?
a. Acted in adult movies…
b. Drove, while under the influence of a few grappa, a boat into the docks of the city of Genoa.
c. Arrived early for a meeting.
12. The Winter Olympics in Sochi sure was expensive, but how expensive was it to construct the about 50 kilometer highway between the sea and the mountain range?

a. About the same as the current class of aircraft carrier that the United States Navy uses, which is around $4, 5 billion.

b. About the same as 7 231 of the latest Ferrari (La Ferrari), each costing $1, 3 million, in total around $9, 5 billion.

c. About ten times the annual revenue of the football team Real Madrid, in total around $7, 2 billion.

13. Peace talks between the South Sudan government and rebels were held in an unusual place in January of 2014. Where?
a. A nightclub in Ethiopia.
b. In a back alley in England.
c. A public park in Egypt.

14. What country consumes the most beer per capita?
a. Germany
b. Austria
c. Czech Republic
15. How many of the 1962 famous line-up of the Beatles went on to have mentionable solo careers?
a. 2.
b. 3.
c. 5.

Movie Quotes!
Level 1.
Level 2.
Level 3.
Level 4.
Level 5.
And that's it, folks! Finish writing down your answers and please hand them in to the bar.

Thank you very much for participating and good luck! 8)
(... on New Zealand)
Here you will listen to a quote from a popular movies and then guess which one it is. Simple, eh?

1 point for the correct
of the movie!
Quite cool scene, eh?
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