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How Dating Has Evolved

No description

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of How Dating Has Evolved

18th Century
Stage 1: Research into Modern Dating
What & Why?
Research into the history of dating and how it is now
The online dating market
Primary & secondary research
Recommendations for Stage 2
Personal interest
Macro & micro trends all linked to online dating

A mixture of quantitative and qualitative research methods
Aim & Objectives
Aim: To find out real time information & opinions about the current dating market - on & offline.

To investigate why people have attached stigma
Are people being catered for, what do they want?
Can on & offline work together?
To find a gap in the online dating market
Why online?
Has the internet changed how we date?
Market History [Secondary]
Research Findings [Primary]
The 'Perfect' App - Results
Recommendations for Stage 2
1. Ease of use
2. Something different and fun
3. No definitive age groups
4. Social aspect
5. Online safety
6. Free download
7. Offline events to support
8. Mixed platform of in-depth and quick match dating
9. Design aesthetic
A Dating Timeline...
Perceptual Map & SWOT
Macro: The Digital World
Micro: The Ageing Population
Micro: Crumbling Gender Barriers
Micro: Self Empowerment & Actualization
Focus Group
Matrimonial Newspaper Services
Women would date men in exchange
for gifts and would
rarely be seem with
the same man
Courting turned to dating with the
introduction of
public entertainment
like open air cinemas
and dance halls.
The sexual revolution and introduction of the birth control pill.
Social Media
Dating Apathy
9 million Britons
using online dating
£2bn market
Niche Dating
Blind Date - 1985
Match.com founded in 1995
In 1996 there were only 16 dating websites.
You've Got Mail - 1998
But WHY online?
Generation Y
Mature Daters
100 participants.
100% of them preferred offline to online dating .
73% wanted a mixed platform of indepth & quicker match dating.
Time - people are busy
Losing hope with general dating
More choice
Feel that they aren't catered for
Need help with their profiles
Won't invest money in dating
Don't want to be pigeon-holed into an 'eHarmony' type of dating, some would prefer less serious dating
Felt there weren't any apps for students
Too young to be looking on Match.com
The most fear of online dating
Some didn't want to be seen as looking for sex on Tinder
Creation [mock up] of a new dating/social app
Found gaps in the market for student app/younger app that isn't based on 'casual meet ups' and more mature less serious relationships
People need something new
Needs to be online mixed with offline due to time
Needs to be safe - potential USP
Speed Dating launch event?
More research needed into the actual app specifics
Competition will be defined
Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs
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