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Life Cycle of a Maple Tree

No description

Nate Kloempken

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Life Cycle of a Maple Tree

Life Cycle of a Maple Tree
Stage 1: Seed
Stage 2: Sprout
Stage 4: Mature Maple Tree
Stage 5: Death
The life cycle of a Maple tree starts with it's seed.
The seeds come in two's and form a glider shape so that they can fly and be dispersed throughout the area.
Maple Tree

Made By:
Nate Kloempken

After a Maple seed goes into the ground it germinates and sprouts.
Stage 3: Sapling
The Maple Sapling does not yet produce fruit.

After a few more years, if it survives, it will become a mature Maple tree.
Some Mature Maple trees can get as old as 500 years!
Mature Maple trees produce fruit.
These fruits form gliders which glide through the air to disperse themselves.
After a few centuries Maple trees begin to die
But some of the seeds that it produced sprouted and started the cycle all over again.
Mature Maple
Maple trees are native to Asia.
Additional Facts:
They are also the most common type of tree in the U.K., as they flourish there as well.
Environment suits it best:
Moist, sunny environment
Other interesting Information:
A maple leaf is on Canada's flag
How big can they get:
Maples can grow up to 150 ft tall!
Typical uses:
Landscaping;People plant Maples in their yards because they look good and provide shade
Medicinal/Commercial uses:
Much furniture is made from maple.
Another use is Maple syrup.
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