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Science Fair Project

What type of wood burns faster?

Ethan Gonzalez

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Science Fair Project

What type of wood will burn faster
out of oak, maple, and pine? The Question My Science Fair Project. The Background information Oak is one of the best types of
hardwood to burn. Maple is not a common use
for fire wood. Pine is the most dense of the
3 woods
Hypothesis I think that pine will burn the fastest
because it is the most dense wood
out of the 3 The Experiment Types of
wood Oak Maple Pine 1st
trial 2nd
trial 3rd
trial Average
of trials Safety Parent supervision
safe zone to burn
the woods
No gas or other
flammable source 2 min
58 sec 3 min
16 sec 3 min
2 sec 2 min
38 sec 2 min
46 sec 2 min
51 sec 2 min
16 sec 1 min
59 sec 2 mine
27 sec 3 min
32 sec 2 min
45 sec 2 min
1 sec Dependent/Independent variables Dependent: Time Independent variable: How close the fire is
held to the wood My Procedures: 1) Get the wood in
your safe environment
2) Get the lighter and
light the wood on fire
3) Record the time Analysis Conclusion The End Pine Oak Maple 0.30 1.30 2.00 2.30 3.00 3.30 4.00 Test subjects Average of times My conclusion is that my hypothesis is
correct because the pine was the fastest
out of the 3. My experiment wasn't successful
the first attempts it t at the wood for more then 25 seconds. I found that this information would be useful for people that need to find out what type of wood to use for firewood. Ways I can improve my project is by adding more trials or adding more test subjects. Density of the 3 types of wood:

Maple- 0.74 kg/m 3 Oak- 0.68 kg/m 3 Pine- 0.48 kg/m
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