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Barrier-Free Paradise: Rish Park

No description

JR Harding

on 14 August 2016

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Transcript of Barrier-Free Paradise: Rish Park

Olympic Size Accessible Pool
Family Fun!
A Beach that Everyone Can Enjoy
Sea Turtle Nests
Family Cabins and Boardwalk
Book your family vacation at Rish Park
Rish Park can house 106 people comfortably. Great for family reunions on the beach!
Industrial Kitchen
Great for groups!
Each cabin has its own kitchen and roll-in showers...
About Rish Park
How much will a vacation at Rish Park cost?
$15/night per person
$650/night to rent the entire park
Is the park accessible?
The beach, cabins, dorms, bathrooms, pool, boardwalks, fishing pier, and lodge are all wheelchair-friendly
Do I need to make reservations?
Yes, there is an online application that can be found at
This barrier-free park is the one and only beach destination that caters to persons with disabilities and their families.
Rick Scott
Barbara Palmer
Rish Park:
Today's Visit to Rish Park
Location & History
Faces of Rish Park
Rish Park Scholarship Program
Tour of Rish Park
The Agency for Persons with Disabilities
JR Harding; Ed.D
Family Cafe 2016
June 10-11, 2016
Wait List Family Adventures!
The History of Rish Park
Founded by State Rep. Billy Joe Rish
Average 4,000 Campers Annually
$3 million
2010 February
Ceremonial Reopening
Rish Park
in private donations
$1.4 million
$1.3 million
What do these families and individuals have in common?
Thank You
Beach Access
Mobi - Matt
Kite Flying
Scholarship Program Started
They've made Rish Park Memories for a
APD Scholarship Partner's Are:
FSU Police Department
Nature Trails & Fishing Pier
Check Presentation for Scholarship 2016
Rish Park Scholarship Family Stories
* 7% taxes
APD with Sponsor's at Rish 2016
"...For the first time in Sebastian's life, he had greater access to the beach and the Gulf, thanks to the beach wheelchair that the staff made available." - Salove Family
2 Family Cabins
6 Group Cabins
Future Miniature Golf
Future RV Park
Future Tennis/Basketball Courts
Fishing Pier
Nature Trails
, & Tree Forts
"It was so nice spending some quality family time together in a lovely, peaceful beach setting." - Hutchinson Family
"...We really liked riding the golf cart on the beach...We look forward to returning to Rish Park again, especially when the expansion has been completed." - Mulligan Family
"...The first time our family was all together in four miracle years...we are forever greatful for the generous scholarship to visit Rish Park!" - Team Hayden
Scholarship 2013
Future Accessible Playground
Swimming Pool
Main Lodge
A Tour of Rish Park
St. Joe Bayside of the Park
View Of St. Joe Bay
In door movie theater for fun rain or shine
"Brenda tells everyone who visits all about her experiences at Rish Park. The waves get larger every time she tells her story!" -Batton Family
"Our family had such a refreshing and relaxing time as a family. If you are a special needs family, I highly encourage you to visit William J. Rish Park. The park is AMAZING!"-Peck Family
Friendship, Love, and Truth
The Order of the Odd Fellows Lodge
Scholarship 2016
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