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Amreen Dhillon

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of mesopotamia

Ancient Mesopotamia What is Mesopotamia? Mesopotamia is a very old lost civilization which is now located in modern Iraq. Mesopotamia all started over six thousand years ago.Mesopotamia is a greek word that means" The land between the two rivers". This is a map of Mesopotamia Women Rights Government, Social structure and classes Agriculture and Farming What they did for fun Some Ancient Mesopotamia music Inventions The people of Mesopotamia were very imaginative people who were able to create great works of engineering such as the wheel and plow. Religion In ancient Mesopotamia there were a lot of gods and goddesses around 300. but there were only four creator gods. Family Life and Work Occupations the wheel Cuneiform The first writing began as a form of record keeping called Cuneiform. This is a picture of two men in a cart [looks like they are going into war]. The highest of the creator gods was An the sky god. the second was Enlil then there was ninkhursag But these gods did not act alone. They had an assembly of 50 [other gods]. The main occupations of the people of Mesopotamia was agriculture. Kings and Priests Large Landowners and wealthy merchants Slaves classes kings and priest basically ruled over land. Crime was mostly not issue in Mesopotamia because if you did crime there would be serious consequences. This is a picture
of Mesopotamia's
farming. The man was usually the head of the family. This is a statue of a
Mesopotamian male. Food Trade Art & architecture Fashion Mesopotamia was an area that had a good amount of natural resources. Materials such as grains, oils, textiles and barley were taken from Babylonia to foreign cities and exchanged for timber, wine and precious metals and stones. The Mesopotamia's ate bread and porridge as their main meal. Some of the meats they ate are doves, gazelles, chickens, cows and more. They enjoyed eating apples, pears, grapes and lots more fruits. Normal people are two meals a day while rich people ate three meals daily. This is a model of a woman in the upper class In Ancient Mesopotamia Woman had the right to own her own property and have a job They played music and had drums and had a seven stringed harp. Mesopotamia's also had a board game!!! "Hurrian Hymn No. 6," The seven stringed harp Women wore sewn outfits covered with tiers of fringe. Both men and women wore skirts and shawls which would be decorated with simple boarder patterns or all over patterns. Men waste string or small lined cloth which rarely covered them. An example of an art in Mesopotamia is the Ashante tool. An example of architecture is the tower of Babel which was made out of well baked brick. The rich lived in large homes, and the poor lived in smaller homes, but nobody lived in huts. Ancient Mesopotamia was usually very hot. About 43.33. Degrees Celsius or 110 Fahrenheit. Even though there was only a moderate amount of rainfall the plants seem to grow well because of the daily floods. Location and Climate credits By: Gavin, Tiyajah, and Amreen !! This is a model of an Ancient Mesopotamian princesses jewelery Prezi.com Mesopotamia by social studies, Prezi.com mesopotaia by baboo singh, Life in ancient Mesopotamia by shilpa Mehta Jones, Prezi.com by tiegen derksen, Ancienthistory.about.com Ancient Civilizations Mesopotamia, Author: Eve Bargall`o, Passport to the past Mesopotamia Author: Lorna Oakes, Lives in Ancient Mesopotamia, Author: Shilpa Mehta Jones , Mesopotamia
for kids, Early Mesopotamia/ by: Eva Bargallo, Step into… Mesopotamia / by: Lorna Oakes , Ancient Mesopotamia/ by: Harjas , Dictionary.com, Civilizations: Mesopotamia :Process Glossary Farmers Babel: an ancient city in the land of Shinar in which the building of a tower (Tower of Babel)
Babylonia: an ancient empire in SW Asia, in the lower Euphrates valley: its greatest period was 2800—1750 b.c. Capital Babylon.
Euphrates: river in the southwest Asia
Oryx: a large African antelope, Oryx gazelle, grayish with black markings and having long, nearly straight horns: an endangered species.
Tier: a layer;
Cuneiform: a type of writing that is slim and triangular or it is in a square shape.
Pictogram: a story told with photos
Ventilation: the circulation of air
Burial: placing things in the ground
Patron: saint
Moderate: Kept or keeping reasonable or proper limits not extreme, a moderate price, moderate rainfall.
Dominated: In this case dominated means covered or fill, full with something. Mesopotamia was once dominated with floods.
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