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This is a brief overview of some of the major archetypes. Other presentations were used as resources. Videos and images have been included. This prezi does undergo minor changes yearly. I provide my students with guided notes as well.

Kristina Zepeda

on 10 October 2018

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Transcript of Archetypes

Symbolic Archetypes
What are Archetypes?
Fill in the blanks
______ upon a ______, a _________ on a ________ horse set out on a ___________ to rescue a __________ ____ ___________ from an ______ ______________.

What is an archetype?
An original model which other things are similarly patterned after; a blueprint

Universally recognized pattern

Choose 2 of the 6 movies and complete a ven diagram comparing and contrasting them.
and Dark
What kind of archetypes are there?
There are three main types:
Water and
Heaven and Hell
Fire and
and Forests
Haven and Wilderness
Road or Train
Sun and Moon
Character Archetypes
Symbolic Archetypes
Symbolic archetypes serve as a representation of something. They are easily recognizable. Symbolic archetypes can stand alone but are most often paired with their opposites.

Hope, renewal, knowledge, goodness, life
Mystery, the unknown, ignorance, despair, evil, death
The battle of light and darkness will stretch beyond actual light and dark. The good (light) and the bad (dark) can be seen through a story's characters and their actions.
Birth, rebirth, resurrection, purification, redemption, fertility, growth
The sea -- mother of all life, the unconscious, timelessness
Rivers -- baptism, flowing of time, phases of the life cycle.
Lack of spirituality (faith), death, hopelessness
Water is necessary to life and growth. Water is used in baptismal services. Rain can also suggest a character's spiritual birth or rebirth.
Hell is often associated with darkness, demons, and evil.
Heaven and Hell are places that are not easily accessible to man thus are the dwelling places of either gods or demons. The skies, clouds, or mountains house the gods. Canyons, caves and the inner earth play home to the evil forces of the world.
Knowledge, light, life, rebirth
Ignorance, darkness, sterility, death
growth, abundance, life, immortality
the unknown, seen as dangerous
Places of safety, a shelter where the hero can take time to regain health and resources
The Garden
The garden is a common haven and is often symbolic of the Garden of Eden from the Bible.
Paradise, innocence, fertility
Commonly connected to forests, they are where danger awaits at every turn and the hero may lose his way, either symbolically or literally.
Masculine, father figure, passage of time and life
Rising sun -- birth, associated with the east
Setting sun -- death, associated with the west.
Feminine, change
Journey through life
holy trinity, perfection, completeness
man/humanity (4 limbs), life cycle, four seasons, four elements
most potent of all symbolic numbers because it signifies the union of 3 and 4; perfect order
Loyal Friend
somewhat heroic
duty is to protect the hero
Character Archetypes
A person or being that serves as a representative of a greater idea. Characters, actions, abilities, or powers contribute to the archetype.
The Hero
Often suffers some unhealable wound (physical or psychological)
Traditionally the protagonist of a story
May leave family to live with others, or family may leave him.
Some traumatic/major event will cause the hero to act
Must prove himself
Serves as a teacher or counselor to the hero
Role Model
Sometimes a parental figure
Either dies or leaves the hero in some way
Hunting group of Companions
Loyal to the hero
Group willing to face dangers in order to be together
Earth Mother
Offers spiritual and emotional advice or nourishment to those she meets.
sensuous with beauty
the hero is physically attracted to her, but she will ultimately bring his downfall
Damsel in Distress
vulnerable woman who must be rescued by the hero.
The Friendly
loyal only to the hero and the hero's companions
may attempt to warn the hero of danger
Creature of a Nightmare
Monster usually summoned from the deepest, darkest parts of the mind
often a perverse or desecrate form of a human
The Scapegoat or Martyr
May take the blame for something he did not do
May have a public death
Death makes him a more powerful force than when he lived

A given experience that a hero or character must endure to move from one place in life to the next. Actions and events that add to the plot.
The Quest
A quest describes a search for someone or something of great power or importance and is never easily accomplished. Often includes nearly impossible tasks. The Quest consists of five things:
1) A quester (usually the hero)

2) A place to go

3) A stated reason to go there
Hero usually "crosses a threshold" so to speak - a point of no return

4) Challenges and trials en route

5) A real reason to go there
The Quest
Self Knowledge
The Journey
Similar to the Quest, it is the actual experiences the hero goes through (also called a monomyth)
The Journey
The Fall
Shows a descent from a higher to a lower state of being
represents a loss of innocence
Death and
Parallels the cycle of nature with the cycle of life
Morning or Spring = Birth and Youth
Evening or Winter = Old Age and Death
Nature vs. Machine
Nature is pure and good while technology is evil and corrupt
The Unhealable Wound
Either physical or psychological damages that cannot be repaired
May indicate a loss of innocence
The Magic
Symbol of the hero's extraordinary quality
No other can use it to its full potential
Traditionally given by a mentor
Identifying Archetypes
Typically, Heaven is associated with light and nature.
Mount Olympus
Chechenitza, Mexico
Christ Redeemer, Brasil
Taj Mahal, India
Great Wall of China
Machu Picchu, Peru
Petra, Jordan
Colosseum, Italy
Unusual circumstances of birth (past is usually a mystery) or nontraditional youth
normally fated to end tragically
People like happy endings. Hollywood wants to make money. Happy ending = Money
society, friends, or family do not approve of the relationship
Quick Write
Explain how 3 symbolic archetypes are used in any movie, T.V. show, or book NOT discussed.
Quick Write
Explain how 3 Character Archetypes are used in any movie, T.V. show, or book NOT discussed.
Explain how 3 symbolic archetypes are used in any movie, T.V. show, or book NOT discussed.
Quick Write
Light, Dark, Water, Desert, and Fire
3,200 year
old tree
Devil Figure
Evil incarnate
Will often promise the hero worldly goods as a way to tempt, cheat, steal, lie, and destroy him
The Villain
the counterbalance to the hero
represents sin
determined, intelligent, powerful
the person the hero must battle in his search for himself
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