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Concurrent ECE Program

No description

Joelle Brown

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Concurrent ECE Program

By: Joelle Brown Concurrent ECE Program What is the Concurrent ECE Program? University of Windsor Courses 30 General B.A. degree courses
11 Education courses with the Faculty of Education Early Childhood Education courses at St. Clair College St. Clair College Courses - Pre-School Development & Best Practices
- Curriculum Methods
- Positive Child Guidance
- Health, Nutrition & Safety
-Working with Families
- Developmentally Appropriate Practices in ECE Settings - Health, Nutrition & Safety
- Working with Families
- Developmentally Appropriate Practices in ECE Settings
- Field Preperation I-III
- School-Age Development & Best Practices
- Infant/Toddler Development & Best Practices
- Issues in ECE - Assessment, Planning and Evaluation
- Emergent Curriculum - Ed Psychology
- Language Arts
- Mathematics
- Art
- Health & Physical Education
- Music - Science
- Differentiated Instruction
- Social Studies
- Issues in Education
- Ed Foundations Graduation... Upon graduation, students will obtain: - A General Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Windsor

- A Bachelor of Education degree from the Faculty of Education of the University of Windsor

- An Early Childhood Education diploma from St. Clair College - Min. Admission Avg. = 80% - Mean Admission Avg. = 85% - Ontario Secondary School Prerequisites = ENG4U (Grade 12U English) - Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) - Top six 4U/M courses are used to calculate student's admission avg. Requirements: ** only 36 students will be eligible for enrollment - Must apply through OUAC A 5 year program joined between the University of Windsor and St. Clair College. It combines a Bachelor of Arts/Science, a Bachelor of Education and an Early Childhood Education diploma. Students get the opportunity to learn up-to-date teaching strategies, gain hands on experience as well as network for future careers. Field Experience Calendar 2nd Year - 25hr field experience [fall semester]
- 2 week practicum [may]
- 2 week field placement [may] 3rd Year - 50hr field experience [fall & winter semester]
- 4 week practicum [may] 4th Year - 25hr field experience [fall & winter semester]
- 4 week field placement [nov.]
- 4 week field placement [may] 5th Year - 50hr field experience [fall & winter semester]
- 4 week practicum 1st Year no field experience Dr. Apt
4pm Soccer @ 8 shopping!! Mom's Bday Dinner
Kelsey's @ 6 The Full-Day-Early Learning Kindergarten Program Conflict Resolution Adult/Child Interactions Strategies Teaching Strategies Working with families Working with Disabilities Emergent Curriculum Documentation Panels Lesson Planning F.D.K. E.L.E.C.T FOCUSED CONCEPTS... Professionalism Purposeful Play
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