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Should high school athletes get shoes and equipment in high

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Cory McCarty

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Should high school athletes get shoes and equipment in high

Should high school athletes get shoes and equipment in high school or in other words be sponsored?
How many kids don't do sports due to lack of shoes and equipment?
How many kids are at a loss of money for these things?
Is it fair to make kids pay for equipment to participate in school athletics?
Will student-athletes work hard if they get free stuff?
Do the school have funds for this?
Will it truly effect if the sports team do well or not?
There may be many reasons why high school athletes should or shouldn't receive shoes and equipment from the school. The NCAA rule as of now is that high school student can not take money or anything worth money such as shoes and equipment (sponsored). They can obviously receive a uniform but nothing more.
Equipment and shoes for athletics can be pretty expensive. Its sometimes hard to get shoes and the clothes you need to participate in daily practice. Of course the Uniforms are usually provided to athletes.
Loss of money
Today's world it isn't very uncommon to see some families struggling with money to pay bills. If your struggling to pay bills then where are they going to get the money to pay for the stuff they need for sports?
Athletics at the high school are really all about making the school itself look better by the athletes succeeding. Its unfair that the students have to pay for their equipment to run on a school team. Any student can do a sport outside of school teams.
Schools are slowly cutting teachers. Where will they get they money to afford the equipment? The education of students is more important than athletics.
Lack of shoes and equipment?
Is it fair to make them pay?
Will it effect the work ethic?
If students are given their shoes and equipment, they may not work to the best of their ability because they just want the stuff.
Will teams really become more successful?
Giving student athletes shoes and equipment isn't going to make them better. It may give them more of a reason to work harder to be successful.
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