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SWOT Analysis

No description

Jorge Thompson

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

• The brand is well known in Mexico, but not its specific properties outside the country.
• There are some hotels of the chain that are better known by their specific name and not by the brand: George V in Paris, for example.
• The top scale travelers would probably choose a Four Seasons Hotel if they knew about them in advance.
• Create greater knowledge of the properties among travel agencies that have top scale clients
• The other luxury hotel chain brands are not doing any special branding in México.
• Some of the other luxury hotel chain brands have no properties in Mexico and, consequently, no branding.

• Affluent Mexican travelers like to travel in the most luxurious way and would be willing to stay in a Four Seasons hotel everywhere in the world, if they knew in advance about them.
• Mexican travelers tend to brag about their trips among family, friends and colleagues.
• Frequent travelers are now looking for different and unique experiences in terms of places, countries and hotels/resorts, something that Four Seasons can offer.
• Create alliances with the tourist promotion organizations of destinations where a Four Seasons hotel is, in order to combine efforts and obtain better results.
• Increase the presence of the brand in the Mexican media with creative and newsworthy information.
• Traveling is now a whole experience and not only choosing a destination and a hotel.
• Some of the exclusive amenities and brands that Four Seasons work with are not really known among Mexican and Latam audiences.
• Mexican travelers don’t usually know that every Four Seasons blend with the local culture and think they have mainly the same luxury offer and service no matter where in the world the hotels are located, but not their unique characteristics (differentiation).
• Media are usually enthusiastic of new/original features offered by top luxury brands in travel & tourism world.

• Four Seasons resort are all over the world and also in some exotic destinations, giving a great insight and material for the media as news from those parts of the world not are always known here.
• Emerging markets and expansion abroad of the brand.
• To acquire more loyal clients as a result of word-of-mouth since they already have developed a solid core of frequent guests, these people are almost expected to recommend the Four Seasons to their family, peers and business associates.

• Four Seasons has more than 50 years in the hotel business.
• Four Seasons has a very well earned prestige and reputation as a top luxury brand around the world.
• The two hotels that Four Seasons has in Mexico are perceived as top class hotels.
• An event organized at the Four Seasons hotel gives the host the prestige of the brand.
• Four Seasons means luxury, exclusivity and the best service available.
• Well positioned among top travel agencies as one of the top luxury brands they can recommend to their clients.
• Four Seasons is sought by top scale travelers for their personal and business trips.
• If you want to impress a client or a person invite him/her to a Four Seasons restaurant.
• You can trust that a Four Seasons hotel has the best available service.
• It is an aspirational brand for business and personal events.
• Four Seasons integrates its concept to the local culture.
• Four Seasons brand suggests immediately a high-end lifestyle.
• Four Seasons brand has created some loyalty guests that select the brand over other options when they are traveling.
• In Mexico the brand has been associated with celebrity guests that stay on the hotels of this brand.
• Perceived often as leader in the luxury hotel market.

• Sometimes the Four Seasons hotels (hotel , restaurants and events) are perceived as more expensive than what they really are.
• There is a lack of PR presence of the brand and the hotels in Mexico in the local media.
• Perception of lack of renovation in some of the properties. (Punta Mita)

• As Four Seasons brand has more time in the luxury market, sometimes it can be perceived as elegant or classic, but not as not trendy or innovative enough in traveling experiences as there are some new brands and concepts that are arriving to Mexico for the first time.
• There is some perception of undifferentiated products and services offered by Four Seasons resorts in Mexico.
• Some media in Mexico are used to work with Four Seasons in paid-advertising features but not so much in different PR activities. This weakness can be transformed into an opportunity if it’s properly conducted.
• The best service and facilities are expected of a Four Seasons hotel, so when something doesn’t meet so expected standards, the media and the travelers often overly demanding critics.
• The competitor brands would initiate or reinforce their efforts in communication campaigns and starts more aggressive communication campaigns.
• Other important brands coming to Mexico, as Park Hyatt, Andaz meaning more competitors for the luxury segment that already has been growing with brands as St. Regis, Mandarin Oriental, Banyan Tree, One&Only, etc.
• Due to the easy access to global media, brands can now be seen or reached even if they are not making any special efforts in the Mexican market.

• Diminish the positive perception of Four Seasons in Mexico, since other hotel brands have more exposure in the Mexican media than Four Seasons.
• Some other luxury brands have copied some of Four Seasons standards and attributes so now some of them are perceived as equally sophisticated lodging experiences.
• Destinations usually attract more attention of the media than hotels, so finding the perfect blend of both of them into Four Seasons core differentiation is a challenge and can be turned into an opportunity.
• Economic slowdown in Latin America, exchange rate fluctuations, maturing categories, products or services, price wars.
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